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KDE community has elected to finalize the transition to Wayland and embrace the future of desktop.

Wayland has been a great interest and effort to the KDE community as it aligns with its values and goals : security, lightweight and beauty.

This goal will articulate in tracking down and fixing the issues that keeps our software from achieving feature parity with the venerable X Window system. Our focus will be our own community software, KWin, Plasma and Apps but will also be about helping the wider free software community to advance Wayland feature set.

This is an ambitious goal, it cannot be a small team effort, we invite the wider community to participate.


We have a few documentation pages to help with debugging and fixing bugs.

KDE community projects

KWin and KWayland

Work board is located at https://phabricator.kde.org/project/view/98/


Work board is located at https://phabricator.kde.org/project/view/99/


KDE has many great applications and we want to make sure they work flawlessly under Wayland. We will be helping the apps contributors testing and fixing their wayland support.

Upstream projects


Libinput as the input library for Wayland is a major dependency of Plasma and a few of our apps. We will probably need to work with upstream, to achieve our goal.

Qt and QWayland

We might encounter issues with Qt or QtWayland in which case we will work with the Qt company to fix them.


SDDM as our main desktop manager, will need some contribution of our community.

Currently reported Wayland bugs

You can find open bugs associated with Wayland with this query.

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