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The KDE community has 3 goals it is currently focusing its effort on.

Top-notch usability and productivity for basic software

KDE software is used by busy and productive people with goals in mind and problems to solve. With that in mind, we strive to make KDE software present powerful and advanced features in a polished and easy-to-use manner. We should also use sensible default settings suitable for typical users and common workflows. And finally, we should focus on those common workflows to ensure that they are as usable and streamlined as possible.

More details about the goal:

Privacy Software

More details about the goal:

Streamlined onboarding of new contributors

To maintain KDE's community and projects healthy and growing into the future we need to ensure that we continuously attract new contributors and get more people involved. The aim of this initiative is to find ways to help new contributors not only to make their first contributions, but also feel comfortable with the community and its procedures, stay engaged for longer periods, connect with fellow contributors and work their way into becoming dedicated contributors to the projects of their interest.

Several projects are already making steps towards this goal. KDEConnect and Elisa developers are identifying junior jobs that newcomers can take up as their first contributions. The Plasma Mobile team has gone even further, as it has prepared an interactive guide on getting involved and a comprehensive tutorial on setting up a development environment.

If you are attending Akademy 2018, KDE's annual community event, make sure to watch the related talk.

More details about the goal:

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