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Screen Locker KCM Tests

In System Settings => Display and Monitor, open the Screen Locker page.

For each test item in the list below, include the item between del tags (see edit) when you finished testing it. Append to the line the bug report number with link if you reported any bug. Do not cross over items you cannot check, somebody else will check them.

  • Test "Start automatically after": set this to a few values and test if it works alone, without any other options checked bug 311626
  • Test "Require password after"
  • Test "Start automatically after" with Simple locker
  • Test "Start automatically after" with Desktop Widgets
  • Test "Start automatically after" with each proposed screensavers
    • Asciiquarium
    • Banners and Pictures
    • Blank Screen (not working, only simple locker appears, probably because of simple locker bug) bug 311676
    • Blob
    • Clock
    • Flying Things
    • Gadgets and Simulations
    • OpenGL Screen Savers (option not present)
    • Polygons
    • Random
    • Science
  • Test the "Test" button
  • Test the "Setup" button
  • Look at the tooltips for each setting: do they make sense? (tooltips appear on mouse over a setting to give a quick explanation)
  • Test the QWhatsThis help for each setting: do they explain clearly what the setting is about? (QWhatsThis can be activated by clicking the ? icon on the window bar or by using Shift+F1
  • Test the navigation with the tab key
  • Test translation with the x-test language

Report any bug on, product=systemsettings, component=kcm_screensaver Note the bug numbers besides the item

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