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This site lists the Beta testing pages for the various KDE applications.


Please add your project as a sub-page to this one and link to it, or add a link here to your existing site. Also please add the "Category:Testing" tag (between two square brackets) to all testing pages.

Upcoming tests

QML plasmoid tests for KDE 4.9 beta

Applications tests for KDE 4.9 beta

Areas of focussed testing

How to install KDE 4.9 beta

Installing KDE 4.9 Beta 1 (version 4.8.80)

Other projects

Currently some KDE projects provide guidelines for beta testing (non-exhaustive list):

Other task lists

Collect scattered task lists and check if the entries are still valid. If they are, file proper bug reports, otherwise cross them out.

Task lists available (if you find more, add them):


Please add past tests here, e.g move a wiki page to Archives as a sub-page.

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