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This page needs updating to talk about the VDG instead of "being an artist"

Becoming a KDE Artist


Are you able to create images that move people? Projects in KDE are always in need of good art. Icons, splash screens and themes create an identity for an application. By creating art for the KDE project, your portfolio will be seen by a large audience and will help KDE products have a strong branding.

Communicating with the team

New KDE Artists are encouraged to start at #kde-artists on, (or learn more about IRC), which is the most active. The team also discusses activities on the kde-artists mailing list, learn about mailing lists.


The art in KDE follows certain guidelines, you will want to keep these for reference. These links may be outdated, so it is always best to check with the team:


To get started, demonstrate your skills by completing the KDE Icon Bootcamp and bringing the results to the team.

Then find inspiration at The KDE Icon Request List.

Mentor program

For getting started, feel free to direct any questions to a mentor for this project:

  • Nuno Pinheiro (nuno at oxygen-icons dot org)
    Style theme and cursor theme art director and core icon designer

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