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Beta Testing KDE applications for 4.9


See Umbrello description:

It has a checklist ready which can be used for other applications

Save this checklist and fill it, reporting bugs as you find them. Send the checklist to the maintainer.

Testers names:


Rocs is a Graph Theory IDE for creating, learning and understanding algorithms. Its target audience ranges from students to teachers to researchers.

Please note that you can build Rocs against your KDE 4.8 (you need the Qt and kdelibs devel packages). The beta testing checklist for Rocs can be found here:

Testers names:


Pairs is a program aimed at pre-school kids to help them enhance their memory and logic skills.

Please note that you can build Pairs against your KDE 4.8 (you need the Qt and kdelibs devel packages).

The test file is located there:

Copy this file and fill it then send it to the Quality Team which will forward it to the developers.

Testers names:

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