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Get Involved/Quality/Beta/4.9/Plasma

Beta Testing Plasmoids

Copy the checklist for each plasmoid. When you have tested something cross it off, by surrounding the line with < del > < / del> tags

If it's broken, or not perfect open a bug.

Feel free to split anything into multiple sections, or add applet specific tests.

Check List

  • Name and description in "add applet" is correct
  • Correct URL in applet info (should point to userbase....does the relevant page exist?)
  • Looks good in Air ( and follows plasma theme correctly)
  • Looks good in Oxygen (and still readable)
  • Test translations
  • Test on the desktop
    • Is the default size sensible?
    • Resize to the minimum size, does everything fit?
  • Test in a horizontal panel
  • Test in a vertical panel
  • Test editing config options
  • Right click on the plasmoid (is it sensible, try any additional entries)
  • Set a keyboard shortcut, does it do anything? Should it?
  • X-test [[1]]
    • Main Widget
    • Config
    • Context menu
    • Name + Description when adding info
  • Are all existing bugs on this applet still valid? Close any which are not.

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