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Okular Quality tests


This test case covers improvement in search, bookmarking, text-selection and new annotation features.

You will need a pdf file for this test.(e.g.

How to test

For each test item in the list below, include the item between del tags (see edit) when you finished testing it. Append to the line the bug report number with link if you reported any bug. Do not cross over items you cannot check, somebody else will check them.

  • Bookmarks
    1. Open the example PDF file in Okular
    2. Add some bookmarks (Bookmarks -> Add Bookmark or CTRL+B)
    3. Remove one of bookmarks (not all of them, at least 2 of them should remain)
    4. Save the PDF (File -> Save As...) and reopen the saved PDF file
    5. In Navigation panel -> Bookmarks (F7 to visible it if not) jump to your bookmarks
  • Search
    1. Open the example PDF file in Okular
    2. Open Search line (Edit -> Search... or CTRL+F)
    3. Enter "proof" (or any other text from the document) and confirm
    4. Press F3 (Next) few times
    5. Press Shift+F3 (Previous) few times
  • Text-selection
    1. Open the example PDF file in Okular
    2. Choose Text Selection tool (Tools -> Text Selection or CTRL+4)
    3. Select any text and copy it into any text editor
  • Annotations
    1. Open the example PDF file in Okular
    2. Open Reviews panel (Tools -> Review or F6)
    3. Try all of these tools, highlight/underline/draw something into the PDF
    4. Save the PDF (File -> Save As...) and reopen the saved PDF file

Expected Results

  • Bookmarks
    1. Bookmarks are saved correctly and are correctly linked where you wanted to when you created them
    2. You are able to remove bookmarks with no effect on the remaining
  • Search
    1. You are able to search all occurrences of the selected word and 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons jumps to next or previous occurrence
  • Text-selection
    1. Text you have had selected should be copied correctly (don't test it on mathematical expressions, there could be some simplifications)
  • Annotations
    1. You should be able to make annotations into the PDF and everything should be stored after save. You should get the same result after reopening the file.

Report problems

Report any bug on, product=okular. If you are unsure ask in #kde-quality on irc

Note the bug numbers besides the item.

Known regressions

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