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Try changing between various file sorting
*Try changing between various file sorting
Test inline renaming
*Test inline renaming

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Areas To Test

The following items have undergone a substantial change since 4.8 or introduce a new feature. As such please try and spent a few minutes testing each area, reporting any bugs in the usual manner to http://bugs.kde.org

Please add items to the list below (though please keep new items' in this list user-friendly in description.)


  • Test locking and unlocking
  • Try and copy some large files/play with the transfer indicator
  • Test notifications
  • Test printer management
  • Test the dictionary runner


  • Test the nepomuk file indexer
  • Configure the nepomuk file indexer
  • Browse Nepomuk tags using tag://


  • Try changing between various file sorting
  • Test inline renaming


Try using the new Kate minimap, via Settings->Appearance->Borders

KDE Games

  • Test generally, especially KJumpingCube


  • Test the thumbnail view in Gwenview
  • Test files with colour profiles

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