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KDE Quality Team BOF

Review of 4.9 testing

  • Was really only a trial, went well.
  • Definitely better than if we hadn't done anything
  • Regression email to Plasma worked well (though should probably stop now)
  • We need to scale up what we're doing into more areas, without doing a worse job on it

Improving User Testing

  • The checklists in Plasma worked well, found (and fixed) many issues.
  • This needs to be extended to everything
  • Aurélien Gateau, Copy Ubuntu's "checkboxes" (TODO find a link)
  • It tells the user "do this [worked, broken, skip]"
  • Then submits a report
  • Don't be too specific in what to check, that way the user can spot bugs that are hard for automated testing to find.
  • Less work to write than automated tests, and more flexible.


  • too many false positives / minor issues hide the big issues
  • Aleix Poi apparently has a static analyser written for a thesis we could look at.


  • Needs to be more open
  • We need examples/docs. What it does + how to use it.

Valgrind (memcheck)

  • This is a useful test, however it's quite tricky to use/analyse, so reports should only be done by developers testing (to identify which lib a leak is in for example)
  • Someone should write a wiki page on how to memcheck, filter out nonsense that we can't fix.
  • Then submit leaks as bug reports with valgrind backtraces

Improving Tester numbers

  • Rohan Garg to make VirtualBox images of ProjectNeon. Has some issues, hopefully can all be fixed before 4.10

Release numbers

  • Aurélien Gateau suggested modifying the release numbers to something more easier.
    • 4.9.71 = alpha1
    • 4.9.72 = alpha2
    • 4.9.73 = alpha3
    • 4.9.81 = beta1
    • 4.9.82 = beta2
    • 4.9.91 = RC1
    • 4.9.92 = RC2
  • suggest changing for 4.10


  • everyone should listen to Jeroen on bugzilla management.

Extra Mile

  • Extra Mile BoF
  • Was agreed to put it under the banner of "KDE Quality" and do the discussions/planning on our mailing list/IRC channel. If you have any objections to that, please raise them now.


  • Write an email to the kde-release-team with the proposed release numbers (Albert attended the BoF, he already knows about)
  • Write a tool for showing "UI test steps"
  • Write some test examples (suggest Aurélien Gateau does gwenview, David Edmundson to do KTP, then we can encourage users to write tests for the others)
  • Sort out Jenkins
  • find a way to highlight the important issues in EBN
  • Tools page in wiki needs splitting into debuggers/profilers (such as gammaray) and actual testing tools

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