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Gardening Day

One saturday in May 2015 we will hold a Gardening Day for documentation websites on #kde-devel


  • Code is at ?
  • We will be working on the master branch
  • For patches:
  • For bug triaging use the gardening field
    • + for really critical bugs that should be fixed as part of gardening
    • ? for easy bugs
    • - for out of scope (doesn't mean they are not important nor real, just that are not in scope for the gardening, i.e. they may be very corner case or need deep knowledge of the code base)


  • Test/discover/file bugs against issues on api.kde.org, englishbreakfastnetwork.org and docs.kde.org
  • api.kde.org and englishbreakfastnetwork.org are not showing api for kf5 based applications and libraries or running kf5 based checks on kf5 based applications (and they are shown under KDE 4.latest which is incorrect). Thus the next 3 objectives.
  • Add kf5 based application and library apidocs to api.kde.org
  • Add kf5 based application and library code checks to ebn
  • Add kf5 based application and library documentation to docs.kde.org
  • Improve api.kde.org, ebn, and docs.kde.org to only update what has changed rather than everything (which takes up to 30 hours)
  • Create bug products for each of the above sites (or one product for websites with a subproject for each)


Important bugs that definitely need to be fixed before release

Bugs with patches that should be reviewed

List of easy bugs that could be fixed as part of this love project

List of ungardened bugs

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