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Better undo/redo for krita

This project is divided into two parts.

Snapshot Docker

Implement a docker to allow users create snapshots (shallow copies) of the current state of documents and switch back to them at a later time.

Copy-on-Write Vector Layers

Make vector layers copy-on-write so that the undo/redo system for them can be implemented by replacing the layer with another, rather than store the undo information for each command.



  • Research into solutions for copy-on-write mechanism
  • Snapshot Docker


  • COW vector layers: Make members of KoShapePrivate implicitly-sharable


  • COW vector layers
    • Make members of KoShapePrivate implicitly-sharable
    • Make KoShape hierarchy implicitly-sharable
    • Create undo commands that switch between states of vector layers


Blog posts:

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