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KDE Connect is an application to sync your connected devices. Some of the features of KDE Connect include:-

  • sync mobile and desktop device notifications
  • send and receive files between devices
  • mobile device as a presentation remote
  • clipboard on both devices
  • mobile device as keyboard and/or mouse.

KDE Connect also supports plugins that extend the utility of KDE Connect, like- pausing the music or other playing media on a desktop if the mobile device starts ringing, preventing desktop from going to sleep if a device is connected, et al. All these plugins can be fully controlled by the user.

KDE Connect for Windows currently builds using Craft, but has a lot of problems and is currently not suitable for an official release. This project aims to release a port for Windows OS, by fixing the existing plugins accordingly to also support Windows OS, adding system integrations and publishing the official build to the Windows Store.

By the end of this project, we should have a release-able installer shipped to the Windows Store for review.
GSoC 2019 Proposal for KDE Connect for Windows

Steps To Build

Please follow the community guide page on how to build KDE Connect on Windows with Craft.


1) Extend KNotifications for Windows

2) Implement KDE Connect's SFTP plugin in Windows port

3) Implement other KDE Connect plugins in Windows port

4) Develop system integrations for Windows port

5) Publish app to Windows Store

Work Report

Milestone 1 : Extend KNotifications for Windows

Milestone 2 : Implement KDE Connect's SFTP plugin in Windows port

Milestone 3 : Implement other KDE Connect plugins in Windows port

Milestone 4 : Develop system integrations for Windows port

Milestone 5 : Publish app to Windows Store
  • Duration - 16 August, 2019 to 26 August, 2019
  • Blog link - TO_BE_UPDATED
  • Main patch- N.A.
  • Demo Video- N.A.

List of Patches

R138 Craft

R289 KNotifications

R877 Craft Blueprints for KDE

R834 SnoreToast

R320 KIO-Extras


Some Links


  • Email : [email protected]
  • IRC Nick : brute4s99 at IRC Freenode
  • Phone Number : (+91)-9210775170

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