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Nextcloud Integration on Plasma Mobile


Bhushan Shah


Plasma Mobile requires cloud-based sharing to provide scalability and flexibility, cost efficiencies and access to data anytime, anywhere. Nextcloud is a data-sharing platform, which is not only free and open-source but highly secure and easy to use. It is in the interest of Plasma Mobile to implement complete Nextcloud Integration. The system will implement a bidirectional data synchronizer to keep the local data and the data on the Nextcloud server in sync.

Proposal : GSoC Proposal - Nextcloud Integration on Plasma Mobile


1. Implement add nextcloud account service.

2. Implement caldav and carddav synchronization using sink.

4. Implement cloud to device synchronization for files/folders/photos.

5. Implement device to cloud synchronization for files/folders/photos.

Work Report

Milestone 1 : Implement add nextcloud account service

Status - Complete

1.1 - Add webview login for nextcloud accounts

1.2 - Add plugin for nextcloud-login in KAccounts Providers

Milestone 2 : Implement contacts synchronization in Phonebook app

Status - In Progress

2.1 - Set up kaccounts-mobile and study carddav plugin in kaccounts-mobile

  • Status - Complete
  • Duration - 16 June, 2019 to 2 July, 2019

2.2 - Set up sink and test using sink APIs for caldav and carddav synchronization"'

  • Status - Complete
  • Duration - 3 July, 2019 to 20 July, 2019
  • Test repo -sink-use-examples

2.3 - Make a plugin to implement synchronisation of calendar and contacts for kaccounts using sink

  • Status - In Progress
  • Duration - 3 July, 2019 to 20 July, 2019
  • Main repo -plasma-sync-plugin

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