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  • Project Name: Nextcloud Integration on Plasma Mobile
  • Mentor: Bhushan Shah
  • Solution Description: Plasma Mobile requires cloud-based sharing to provide scalability and flexibility, cost efficiencies and access to data anytime, anywhere. Nextcloud is a data sharing platform, which is not only free and open source, but highly secure and easy to use. It is in interest of Plasma Mobile to implement complete Nextcloud Integration.

The system will implement a bidirectional data synchronizer to keep the local data and the data on the Nextcloud server in sync.

  • Milestones:
  1.  Implement add nextcloud account service.
  2.  Implement calendar synchronization in Calindori app.
  3.  Implement contacts synchronization in Phonebook app.
  4.  Implement cloud to device synchronization for files/folders/photos.
  5.  Implement device to cloud synchronization for files/folders/photos.

Work Report

Milestone 1:

    Status: Complete
    Duration: 27 May, 2019 to 10 June, 2019
    Blog link: nextcloud-login-plugin-for-plamo[1]

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