Improving Khipu to move it out from Beta

My initial project was Improving Khipu and Analitza where I proposed a lot of new features to Khipu and even before GSoC starts, I was studying the code wishing to have a good start in GSoC but I wasn't having any progress, I was stuck. I made a function that plots 3D vectors (my first task), but it was in a wrong place in the code and I realized that I'd need to understand the whole code, to manage these vectors and It was very hard for me.

To not fail, one of my mentors, Tomaz Canabrava, suggested that I could change my project and start a new one, where I could redo Khipu's code because the actual has some problems and I could learn and visualize the relationship between the things when I build the program.

Mentors: Tomaz Canabrava and Caio Jordão Carvalho.

Project Goals

- Frontend development:

Status: In progress/almost done

- Backend development:

Status: In progress

Work report

Community bonding period: I interacted with the GSoC students, and during this time I tried to get prepared for my tasks, I tried to study the code but I hadn't any progress. I implemented 3D vectors plotting but in the wrong place of the code and realized that the code was harder than I was expecting.

Coding period - May 27 to June 15: I was still stuck and trying to understand the code to follow my initial project.

Coding period - June 15 to June 30: working in the Khipu interface. The progress here will be a little slow because I'm at the end of this semester at college and I have final tests on July 3 and July 10. My vacation starts on July 13.


[1] My blog to register my GSoC information.

email: [email protected]

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