[DigiKam]: Faces Management workflow improvements

Face detection and recognition is a powerful tool in DigiKam. It lets users simplifies the process of tagging people on their photos. These tags can be used for managing, sorting and other operations with photos. Unfortunately, as for now DigiKam has some problems with user experience and user interface.

Mentors: Maik Qualmann, Gilles Caulier, Stefan Müller, Marc Palaus


Project goals

  • Separate tags and face names
  • Remove /People/ top face tag from metadata
  • Improve drop-down list when selecting face names
  • Other GUI improvements

Work report

Community Bonding Period

During the community bounding period I got familiar with the code of the previous workflow. In addition, I found a better way to separate normal tags and face tags.

Coding Period - May 27th to June 28th

During these weeks I started to separate face tags and common tags:

  • Removed normal tags from all face tags tree-views
  • Removed face tags from normal tags views and manager
  • Added filter for face tags and removed face tags from tag filter
  • Removed possibility to promote tags to face tags and visa verse

In addition to that, I made couple of GUI improvements:

  • Now face tag thumbnail is showing correct face rectangle, not a full picture
  • Unknown and Unconfirmed face tags albums now placed on top of the list

Current plans:

  • Remove /People/ top level node from all views
  • Do not write /People/ top node in metadata and keep it for internal logic purpose

Coding Period - June 28th to July 26th

Coming soon


Project branch

GSoC project


E-mail: [email protected]

Telegram: @antropovi

Github: link

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