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== About Me ==  
== About Me ==  
* '''Name:''' Caio Henrique Segawa Tonetti
* '''Name:''' Caio Henrique Segawa Tonetti
* '''Blog''': [chst.dev chst.dev]
* '''Blog''': chst.dev
* '''Mentors:''' Tomaz Canabrava, Adriaan de Groot
* '''Mentors:''' Tomaz Canabrava, Adriaan de Groot
* '''Email:''' ​[email protected]
* '''Email:''' ​[email protected]

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Project Overview

Project Name: An Improved Graph Theory IDE
Purpose: As a student, I use graphs in almost everything related to my master’s research. Graph Theory is a great mathematical tool for programmers and mathematicians, as it facilitates some computational problems resolution and modelling. However, is not always easy to understand the underlying theory and algorithms.

Rocs (https://kde.org/applications/education/rocs) is a Graph Theory IDE created in January of 2010, with new updates still being committed almost every month, currently in the KDE repositories, designed for lecturers, students and researchers. It is composed of a visual data structure and a powerful scripting engine in Javascript. Though useful for creating simple graphs, it is still lacking the tools to simplify the creation of bigger graphs, and also of basic graph theory algorithms for beginners. Another improvement it should have is a step by step execution system, in order to fully comprehend the algorithms and facilitate debugging.

List of Added Features

I have added the following features for the first evaluation:

  • Path Graph Creation Tool: Tool for creation of Path Graphs;
  • Complete Graph Creation Tool: Tool for creation of Complete Graphs;
  • Complete Bipartite Graph Creation Tool: Tool for creation of Complete Bipartite Graphs;
  • Miscellaneous Changes:
    • Removed the "default" edge type and created two new "unidiretional" and "bidiretional" edge types.
    • Default values for the some graph classes;
    • Variable names fixes;
    • Redundant code.


Currently, these features are yet to be implemented.

  • More fixes in the graph class creation, as the original algorithm for tree creation is not working properly;
  • More tests related to the functionalities implemented;
  • The repository is yet to be implemented;
  • The step-by-step execution.


My commits are on my branch on the invent.kde.org forked repo: improved-graph-ide-classes. As the team is not big, one of my mentors advised to not use the phabricator, as it would only complicate our workflow. So, our code will be revised in merge requests on the invent.kde.org repo, which there is one as a WIP right now: Merge Request.

About Me


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