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Krita: Animated Vector Brush


  • Project Name: Animated Vector Brush for Krita
  • Proposal: Google Docs Proposal
  • Abstract: This projects aims to implement an Animated Vector Brush for Krita, which uses SVG as a source file for the brush tips.

Project Goals

Technical goals

1. Write the proper documentation for end users as per the Krita Contribution Guide. 2. Write unit tests, comments, and documentation for better maintainability. 3. Define the structure of the SVG file containing the source tips for the Animated Vector Brush 4. Write the code for the Animated Vector Brush, which uses that uses an SVG library a source. 5. Create the User Interface for loading, configuring and saving the Animated Vector Brush, which should be done in accordance with the KDE Human Interface Guidelines.

Soft goals

1. Bond, learn, and become an important member of the Krita and KDE communities. 2. Get user and artist feedback for the implementation of the project. 3. Learn about the KDE Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), Community Identity Guidelines (CIG) and Accessibility Guidelines (AG.) 4. Learn about the testing libraries and guidelines used by Krita and KDE. 5. Have fun!! 😄

Project related links

Implementations Status

Status report on each goal implementation.

Goal: Write Documentation Current Status Mostly done.

TODO Add Screenshots.

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Commits and Differentials

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