LabPlot: support for import data from web-service

Currently, LabPlot has support for data sources, such as files, SQL databases, serial ports, etc. This project aims to expand this list with the feature to use JSON documents and web-services as data sources.

Mentors: Alexander Semke

Project goals

  • Support of import JSON documents.
  • Support of using web-services as a data source.
  • Support of using web-services as a live data source.
  • Creating and using settings for specific web-services.

Work report

Community Bonding Period

To be done.

Coding Period - Phase one (May 14th to June 12th)

To be done.

Branch where I am working

labplot branch

Important Links

Blog Posts

Google Summer of Code with KDE

Proposal Link

Project proposal


E-mail: [email protected]

IRC: andreyc

Telegram: @acygankov

Github: acygankov

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