About Kopete

Kopete is an Instant Messaging Client that is modular and has plugins. It requires KDE Plasma. Kopete has a huge code base with lots of legacy code and reflects the hard work of many developers since many years. Kopete currently supports 9 different messaging services and has 15+ plugins.

About the Project

Title : Autotests and improving protocol support for Kopete

Kopete is now ported to KF5. This project is about adding auto tests to Kopete. In this auto-tests for protocols and plugins will need to be written. This project also includes the improvement of support for protocols in Kopete.

Work report

I have done auto-tests for following modules -

  • libkopete
  • kopete
  • plugin
  • protocol

Also it is documented how to use the tests suite while development.

What I did : Created autotests for Kopete and worked on porting the remaining KDE4 part to KF5.


Link to Weekly Reports on Mailing List : here [1]

Link to Proposal : here [2]

Link to Updated Timeline : here [3]

Link to the Kopete Repository on cgit : here [4]

Link to Commits : here [5]

Link to Reviewboard Reveiws : here [6]

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