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Polkit Support in KIO

Running Qt GUI applications as root is dangerous. Some KDE applications are disabling being executed as root. For example, the next versions of Dolphin and Kate will show an error message and exit when started with root privileges. Polkit is the library made specifically to solve such problems. It is the standard framework used by Linux desktops to grant privileged actions to unprivileged processes. The goal of this project is to add Polkit support in KIO, the library used by KDE applications to manipulate the filesystem.

Work Report

All the changes have been made to my clone of KIO on In this repo each file operation, to which KAuth support had been added, has got branch under its name, like delete operation's branch is 'delete', rename operation's branch is 'rename', so on and so forth. The changes up for reviews are listed below.

  • Added basic KAuth support to the KIO library. D6197 adds additional warnings, support for unit testing this part of code and the KAuth helper.

I have added support for KAuth to following file operations:

  • Delete

D6198 adds KAuth support to delete in ioslave and D6199 can be used to test it in dolphin.

  • Rename

D6381 adds KAuth support to rename operation. D6382 provides the dolphin integration.

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