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Make High-DPI awesome

As seen on Blog Posts on Planet KDE support for High-DPI monitors has come a long way since Plasma 5.0. And thanks to the work by many dedicated people the situation in Plasma is now almost ideal. But unfortunately, this is not the case for all KDE applications. Support for HiDPI seems to be more of a hit-and-miss for some of them, many crucial for day-to-day workflows (like Okular and Gwenview). Competing desktop environments have nowadays a nearly perfect HiDPI support, so I think it is time to face the remaining problems once and for all.

Therefore I suggest the following approach: My Google Summer of Code project will find HiDPI rendering issues in KDE applications and fix them in a coordinated approach. I will look at applications, which are usually installed on the users desktop, like the Plasma Workspace, Systemsettings and utilities from the kdegraphics module (gwenview, okular, spectacle).

This will also require working together with KDE community members, which report bugs, and application maintainers, to get the submitted patches on the KDE reviewboard in a state that allows them to be committed in their respective repositories.


Complete Proposal

Blog Posts

2017-05-15: Making Hi-DPI awesome

2017-05-15: Do you know of any HiDPI issues?

2017-06-25: GSoC preparation - Plasma Toolicons "A journey down the rabbit hole"

2017-06-30: GSoC Status report - Okular

2017-07-04: I'm going to Akademy

2017-08-04: Akademy 2017.. and 2018!

2017-08-10: GSoC Status report - HiDPI Howto

Final work reports

GSoC Final report - Part 1: Okular

GSoC Final report - Part 2: Gwenview

GSoC Final report - Part 3: Summary

Patches / Published code

HiDPI Support for Okular

HiDPI Support for Gwenview

Scratch GIT repos

Okular @gsoc2017_hidpi_support

Gwenview @gsoc2017_hidpi_support


List of HiDPI Issues

Test plan