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== Work Repository/Branch ==
== Work Repository/Branch ==
* [https://cgit.kde.org/krita.git/log/?h=Aniketh/T6108-Integrate-with-share.krita.org/ T6108-Integrate-with-share.krita.org]
== Work Reports ==
== Work Reports ==

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Integrate share.krita.org - Krita

The project has two parts. The first part deals with creating a dialog for share data between the application and share.krita.org. This will be accomplished by KDE collaborative framework KNSCore and KNS3.

The Second part aims in Improving the support for creating/editing bundles with better GUI for the Resource Manager.


File:Krita Proposal GSoC17.odt

Work Repository/Branch


Work Reports



This is the new Content Downloader which uses KNSCore as the backend to provide GHNS services to specific to Krita applicational uses only.


This is the new Bundle Manager, Formulated according to the new designed planned according to the wireframe created during the proposal time. Existing critical bugs also have been solved from the Bundle Manager.

Blog posts

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