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Porting Kdenlive to Windows

Mentor: Vincent Pinon

Student: Joseph Wambua Joshua

Project Description Kdenlive is an open source video editor that is currently only available for unix. The aim of this project was to port Kdenlive to other platforms (Windows and OSX).

We considered two different approaches to the port:

1. Using MXE makefiles

2. Using KDE Emerge

After exploring both options, we decided to proceed with the first option, and create MXE scripts to build the various dependencies (KDE Frameworks, MLT and others) of Kdenlive and Kdenlive itself. At first we used a bash script to compile the dependencies directly, but with great help from my mentor Vincent Pinon we were able to port all of the dependencies and Kdenlive itself to MXE scripts (

Project Milestones

Description Status
Compile Kdenlive’s dependencies for Windows Complete
Compile Kdenlive for Windows Incomplete (Compiled binary does not start on Windows, troubleshooting in progress)
Create Setup package for Windows Complete
Compile Kdenlive for OSX Incomplete

Current Project Status/Next Steps We have managed to successfully compile all of Kdenlive’s dependencies for windows, and also compile Kdenlive itself for Windows. The main focus of the work for the past several weeks, and also the next several weeks, will be making the application successfully run on Windows, and also create a self sustained setup package. The next step after that will be to start the process of compiling for OSX.

Commit History All of the work was done on Github, in collaboration with my mentor. Here are some the commits that went into GitHub: My Commits on GitHub