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Project Overview

Project Name: WikiToLearn Rating

A Brief Description: This project is aimed to develop a Rating Engine for WikiToLearn (a wiki style learning platform ) based on various parameters like User's Opinion, Author's Credibility,Page Interconnections and Revision History to evaluate the reliability and quality of articles on the platform.


  • Completed :
    • Construction of a Rating Engine that can assess the quality of a Page on WikiToLearn platform.
    • A MediaWiki Extension that serves as the User Interface and collects votes as well as displays Page Ratings.
  • In progress:
    • Code cleaning and documentation.

Screenshots: Sample graph.png Extension1.png Extension2.png

Telegram Nick: abhimanyu_shekhawat

Telegram Channels: WikiToLearn Tech, WikiToLearn, WikiToLearn Café,WTL-GSOC Rating,WikiToLearn GSoC


This is awesome about GSoC: GSoC 2016 gave me an opportunity to work with some of the experts in the open source community. It was really a great experience working on a technology that can generate a greater impact while simultaneously gaining immense knowledge from the passionate domain experts.

This is what I learned during GSoC:

  • Working with RESTful Web Services framework - Jersey
  • Working with NoSQL database (OrientDB)
  • Working with MediaWiki Web API
  • MediaWiki Extension Development
  • Working with container technologies (Docker)
  • Basic PHP and jQuery
  • Shell Scripting
  • Git

Work report



Project Demonstration

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