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Status reports for GSoC, OPFW and SoK 2015.

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Mohamed Anwer

Project Name: [digiKam] Rewrite database KIO-slaves as pure Qt5 with multithreading

A Brief Description: Originally, KIO-Slaves was implemented to run database queries in a separate process to prevent problems with SQlite. Since SQlite support queries from separate threads, KIO-slaves can be dropped, and a new API can be implemented using pure Qt threads API. This will improve digiKam portability, and permit adjusting CPU cores assigned to database processes efficiently.


  • Dropping dependency on KIO-Slaves:
    In progress
  • Patching the database files:
    In progress
  • Creating GUI dedicated to controlling multithreading:
    In progress
  • Writing test code:
    In progress
  • Documentation:
    In progress
  • Benchmarking:
    In progress

IRC Nick: tootis

IRC Channels: #digikam

Blog: Mohamed Anwer

This is awesome about GSoC: Not Yet

This is what I learned during GSoC: Not Yet

Garvit Khatri

Project Name: Integrate Cantor with LabPlot

A Brief Description: This project aims to integrate cantor (a front-end to powerful mathematics and statistics packages) with LabPlot (a scientific data plotter application). The expected result is a to use cantor's session data as to plot graphs inside labplot.

Status: Workin on UI integration of cantor

Screenshot: Selection_110.png

IRC Nick: garvitdelhi

IRC Channels: #kde-devel, #kde-soc, #kde-edu

Blog: http://garvitdelhi.blogspot.in/

This is awesome about GSoC: We get to write code with best community people and also get paid for it. We get to learn a lot of things as we progress with the summers.

This is what I learned during GSoC:

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