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'''Blog: '''
'''Blog: '''
''' This is awesome about GSoC:''' "Flipping bits,not burgers"  
''' This is awesome about GSoC:''' "Flipping bits,not burgers"  

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Status reports for GSoC, OPFW and SoK 2015.

Student Name (Please leave this as a template and make a copy for yourself!)

Project Name:

A Brief Description:



IRC Nick:

IRC Channels:


This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Akshay Ratan

Project Name: IRC Protocol for Kopete

A Brief Description: Kopete does not have working IRC protocol support. In Kopete, git tree is unfinished semi­ported plugin from Kopete KDE3 which is not working. This project aims to provide a full fledged IRC Plugin support to Kopete.

Status: Currently integrating Communi framework for IRC support in Kopete. Will be updating the progress on my blog soon.

IRC Nick: akshay_r

IRC Channels: #kopete, #kde-devel, #kde-soc, #kde-in, #plasma

Blog: Akshay Ratan

This is awesome about GSoC: The satisfaction of seeing your contribution integrated in real-world applications with so many people using it. The opprtunity to learn so many new things, and enjoying each and every bit of open-source software development.

This is what I learned during GSoC: CMake, Git Version Controlling, IRC Protocols

Siddhesh suthar

Project Name: Port of GCompris to QtQuick

A Brief Description: GCompris is a an educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. Originaly written in Gtk+ it's development team decided to rewrite it from scratch in Qt Quick. I am porting reading activities and will create new computer learning activities this summer.

Status: Working on live feedback for reading activities

IRC Nick: siddhism

IRC Channels: #gcompris

Blog: siddhesh suthar

This is awesome about GSoC: We get to learn things and enjoy our work at the same time. It feels awesome to contribute and see our work integrated, inspires us to do more quality work.

This is what I learned during GSoC: To properly plan and discuss the features. A lot to be learned in coding period yet.

Mohamed Anwer

Project Name: [digiKam] Rewrite database KIO-slaves as pure Qt5 with multithreading

A Brief Description: Originally, KIO-Slaves was implemented to run database queries in a separate process to prevent problems with SQlite. Since SQlite support queries from separate threads, KIO-slaves can be dropped, and a new API can be implemented using pure Qt threads API. This will improve digiKam portability, and permit adjusting CPU cores assigned to database processes efficiently.


  • Dropping dependency on KIO-Slaves:
    In progress
  • Patching the database files:
    In progress
  • Creating GUI dedicated to controlling multithreading:
    In progress
  • Writing test code:
    In progress
  • Documentation:
    In progress
  • Benchmarking:
    In progress

IRC Nick: tootis

IRC Channels: #digikam

Blog: Mohamed Anwer

This is awesome about GSoC: Not Yet

This is what I learned during GSoC: Not Yet

Garvit Khatri

Project Name: Integrate Cantor with LabPlot

A Brief Description: This project aims to integrate cantor (a front-end to powerful mathematics and statistics packages) with LabPlot (a scientific data plotter application). The expected result is a to use cantor's session data as to plot graphs inside labplot.

Status: Workin on UI integration of cantor

Screenshot: Selection_110.png

IRC Nick: garvitdelhi

IRC Channels: #kde-devel, #kde-soc, #kde-edu

Blog: http://garvitdelhi.blogspot.in/

This is awesome about GSoC: We get to write code with best community people and also get paid for it. We get to learn a lot of things as we progress with the summers.

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Vineet Garg

Project Name: Improving KDE Connect encryption

A Brief Description: KDE Connect uses plain RSA encryption scheme to transfer packets between devices. This project aims to use SSL for packet encryption.

Status: Code refactored on Android side to provide backward compatibility. Started implementing SSL filter over sessions.

IRC Nick: vineet

IRC Channels: #kde-devel

Blog: https://thebinarybin.wordpress.com/

This is awesome about GSoC: Working with awesome people on awesome project who can pin point even the tiniest error and help you to do some great work.

This is what I learned during GSoC: About networking protocols, cryptography and security

Laszlo Kis-Adam

Project Name: KDevelop - Checker framework

A Brief Description: Create a reusable framework for problem checker tools. Update some tools to use the framework. Create new tools with the framework.


  • Creating framework:
    In progress
  • Updating kdev-krazy:
    In progress
  • Updating kdev-cppcheck:
    In progress
  • Updating kdev-valgrind:
    In progress
  • Implementing clang-check:'
    In progress
  • Implementing pylint:
    In progress


IRC Nick: dfighter

IRC Channels: kdevelop

Blog: https://dfighter1985.wordpress.com/

This is awesome about GSoC: I get to do my hobby (developing open source software) and get paid for it.

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Marius Stanciu

Project Name: Adding OSM ( OpenStreetMap ) support for Marble

A Brief Description: The main part of the project consists in extending Marble's map editor ( Annotation Plugin ) to support OSM files. The goal is to allow the user to open, view, edit and export OSM maps while offering him all the tools ( as many as possible ) necessary.

Status: Early stages, implementing the OSM export classes.

Screenshot: Only technical stuff at the moment, exciting things coming later.

IRC Nick: stancium

IRC Channels: #marble #kde-soc

Blog: http://mariusoc.blogspot.ro/ ( soon available )

This is awesome about GSoC:

    Great way to get me started with bigger projects.
    Introduced me to the concept of open-source ( was an alien concept to me ).
    Got the chance to contribute to such a great community, that is Kde! :D

This is what I learned during GSoC: Well, it's a bit early, eh?

Ahmed AbouElhamayed

Project Name: Continue improvement of KDE Reports.

A Brief Description: KDE Reports is a project started in GSoC 2013 that displays reports about different KDE projects and can help one get a general overview of any project activity. This year I'm planning to add customized reports so that one can request reports about a certain contributor activity. Also, I want to add reports about wikis, build status and project code.



IRC Nick: TheMonster

IRC Channels: #kde-www, #kde-sysadmin, #kde-devel, #kde-soc


This is awesome about GSoC: Best way I found till now to learn new stuff while enjoying your time and achieving something... Getting help and advice from some of the best people.

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Maciej Poleski

Project Name: Refactoring for KDevelop

A Brief Description: Use Clang (and especially libTooling) to provide KDevelop with refactoring capabilities. Implementation lands in kdev-clang (plugin based on Clang designed to replace old C++ support)

Status: Skeleton of interface, Replacements -> DocumentChangeSet in progress


  • CompilationDatabase for CMake based projects
  • ClangTool pre populated with cache content (TODO: updates)


  • Build system for plugin (works, but need more polish)


IRC Nick:

IRC Channels:

Blog: https://blogs.kde.org/blogs/maciej

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

  • Sometimes ordering of libraries in linker invocation makes difference (linker errors). This apply to LLVM/Clang libraries.

David Kolozsvari

Project Name: Improve Marble's OSM vector rendering and printing support

A Brief Description: Marble has a great rendering engine, which is fast (Marble starts up in 2-5 seconds), reliable and allows developers to easily improve some of its features. This projects main goals are to improve the following parts of the program: the rendering of the .osm file based vector tiles, the picking of the texture tiles, improving printing support. I also intend to fix any bugs that I may encounter in the process. This would improve Marble's rendering and maturity too, so the end-user should be more satisfied with the application.


  • OSM vector tile rendering:
    • Working on the outlines of the streets and highways.

Screenshot: Coming soon.

IRC Nick: koldavid

IRC Channels: #marble #kde-soc

Blog: http://koldavidgsoc.blogspot.ro/

This is awesome about GSoC: There is a lot of things that I enjoy about GSoC, but probably the best thing is the nonstop interaction with the mentors and the students. Besides that, being a GSoC student is a great way to learn new stuff, not only regarding to programming, but to everything that comes in the way while coding or chating with others.

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Aroonav Mishra

Project Name: Porting of Amarok to Qt5/KF5

A Brief Description: Currently, kdelibs is distributed as a single set of interconnected libraries which makes it bulky. Under the KDE Frameworks 5 efforts, these libraries are being remodelled into a set of independent modules enabling the developers to use only the specific parts which they need and avoid pulling unwanted dependencies. Amarok currently uses Qt 4, kdelibs and Plasma 4. This project aims to port amarok to Qt 5 while using KDE Frameworks 5 enabling amarok to derive their benefits.

Status: Most work in porting the cmake files has been done. I am now porting amarok with the aim to compile it using KF5::KDELib4Support which will take some time.


IRC Nick: roguedragon

IRC Channels: #amarok, #kde-devel, #kde-soc, #kde, #gsoc

Blog: http://binaryspring.blogspot.in/

This is awesome about GSoC: I have always loved the amount of help that I get from the community and this is something that isn't unique to GSoC but is common in open source world.

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Pinak Ahuja

Project Name: Better Tooling for Baloo

A Brief Description: This project aims to provide better Tooling for Baloo. These tools will include a UI and CLI tools to monitor status of Baloo and UI to visualize which types of files are taking how much of storage, utilizing the data indexed by Baloo.

Status: Weekly Status updates on blog

Screenshot: not yet

IRC Nick: pinak

IRC Channels: #kde-baloo #kde-devel #plasma #kde-soc #kde-in

Blog: http://blog.pinak.me/

This is awesome about GSoC: What's not to love about GSoC, contributing to a FOSS project, full time support of a mentor and the community, on top of that being paid for it.

This is what I learned during GSoC: Too soon? Though I'm sure this will be a huge list.

Joseph W. Joshua

Project Name: Kopete - Improved History Plugin

A Brief Description: Kopete currently has an history plugin, but it is not up to spec. This project will focus on creating a new, improved plugin, storing the data in SQL.

Status: Beginning. :)

Screenshot: ---Too soon? UI work not started yet.

IRC Nick: joshwambua

IRC Channels:

  1. kopete
  2. kde-devel
  3. kde-soc

Blog: Coming soon

This is awesome about GSoC: -Lots of support, and everyone is given room to think, and share our ideas.

This is what I learned during GSoC: --I am continually learning alot as time goes by.

Daniel Leu

Project Name: Ekos Scheduler

A Brief Description: I am in the process of implementing a simple scheduler for the KStars application. The scheduler will automate the astrophotography sessions thus making the astronomer obsolete. Based on some constraints like weather conditions and altitude, the scheduler will decide if the session is good to go or is aborted.

Status: Working on DBus interface to make INDI calls.

Screenshot: Nothing visual at the moment. Check my blog for further updates.

IRC Nick: daniel_leu

IRC Channels: #kde-kstars

Blog: https://danielgsoc.wordpress.com/

This is awesome about GSoC: I think it provides the conditions and environment for the perfect learning experience.

This is what I learned during GSoC: I learned a lot about Qt (and i am still learning) and i re-discovered my passion about astronomy. Being able to work on something i loved ever since i was a kid is awesome.

Rahul Chowdhury

Project Name: Make an Editor Library/Plugin for KVTML Files

A Brief Description: The goal of the project is to separate the built-in editor in Parley into a library and/or plugin and make it available for other applications. This editor library should be made flexible and configurable so that applications with different needs could create an editor which supports the level of sophistication that suits that application best.

Status: Migrating of the editor models from Parley to LibKEduVocDocument is done and put up in reviewboard. Set up LibKEduVocDocument and Parley with Qt 5.5.0 and the editor works fine with the models from the library. Next thing to do is move the view classes to the library and implement them in Parley.

Screenshot: parley_editor.png

IRC Nick: rahulch

IRC Channels: #kde #fedora-kde #konversation #kde-devel #kde-edu #kde--sysadmin #Calligra #plasma #kde-soc #kde-in #gsoc #gsoc-india

Blog: https://rahulc93.wordpress.com/

This is awesome about GSoC: Getting to work on awesome softwares of opensource communities, under the guidance of experienced mentors who have a lot of knowledge to share with you, and seeing your contributions being used by other users worldwide is surely a great experience.

This is what I learned during GSoC: Sharpen my skills on OOPS and software development.


Project Name: Adding the constellation art feature to KStars

A Brief Description: My project is about enabling KStars draw constellation images on to the sky map.

Status: In progress. I have made a file that lists constellations and KStars is able to read it. I will be working on making KStars draw the constellations from now on.

Screenshot: None at the moment. Please check my blog for further updates.

IRC Nick: drawkward

IRC Channels: #kde-kstars,#kde,#kde-devel

Blog: http://www.msadityan.com

This is awesome about GSoC: It is a steep learning curve and a wonderful opportunity for students.

This is what I learned during GSoC: I learnt about Qt and read up a lot on astronomy.

Gábor Péterffy

Project Name: Porting Marble to Android platform

A Brief Description: Nowdays more and more Android devices are being used worldwide as personal devices and in education too. So I am going to port Marble to Android with Qt for Android. This basically means to rewrite the UI and design it for mobile platforms, refactoring the original sourcecode if needed and creating some Android specific codes.

Status: Started, current task to set up the needed cmake toolchain for android.

Screenshot: -

IRC Nick: pgabor

IRC Channels: #marble

Blog: http://pgabor.blogspot.com

This is awesome about GSoC: Working with other nice people from all over the world, and createing something useful

This is what I learned during GSoC: Cmake is trickier than I tought.

Ranveer Aggarwal

Project Name: Package Install for 3rd Party Applications

A Brief Description: KDE applications need to install software (extra features) in various places. Most applications don't have an interface wherein one can do so. The task is to implement such an interface for the apps that need it. This has to be done in a way such that it works across all major distributions.

Status: Learnt packaging, currently trying to build a small application that uses Libpackagekit-Qt

Screenshot: N/A

IRC Nick: ranveeraggarwal

IRC Channels: #kde-devel

Blog: http://ranveeraggarwal.com/blog

This is awesome about GSoC: Interacting with lots of brilliant people from around the world working towards a common mission.

This is what I learned during GSoC (till now): Packaging and Publishing

Claudio Desideri

Project Name: Restructuring content delivery system with ocs-server and Gluon Player

A Brief Description: I'm writing a ready to be used ocs server that implements a subset (for now) of the Open Collaboration Services and improve the current Gluon Player.

Status: As for now, I'm restructuring the ocs server and fixing bugs. I decided to do some sort of TDD to increase stability.

Screenshot: It's a bit difficult to screenshot a php server-only application ;) I'll do some of the admin panel in work.

IRC Nick: snizzo

IRC Channels: #ocs, #gluon, #kde-devel, #kde-soc, #plasma

Blog: http://playgfx.blogspot.it/

This is awesome about GSoC: I think GSoC is awesome because it gives you the possibility to join a community such KDE without worrying for expenses. Kudos to all the KDE community for being a great one. I've been here for some years now, and it's getting better and better.

This is what I learned during GSoC: I'm more and more learning about software architecturing and methodologies more than just programming, since of the nature of my project. I'm also learning to manage incoming contributions rather than just outgoing ones, since I'm working very close with a teammate (Francesco Wofford) and his strictly related project, doing mentoring and guidace for him.

Gurjot Singh

Project Name: Kdenlive - Add support for new Animation capabilities

A Brief Description: This project aims to upgrade the animation capabilities to allow much simpler, smoother and more general animations than the traditional keyframes technology and also intend to provide new widgets to edit these properties, and eventually evolve on-monitor interactions.

Status: Have understood the MLT Framework (overview), now looking into animation API.

IRC Nick: bhattigurjot

IRC Channels: #kdenlive

Blog: Gurjot Singh

This is awesome about GSoC: You get an opportunity to work on something which is being used by so many people. You get to discuss with developers around the world and learn how to stick to your schedule. You get reward for your work which in itself is pretty motivating.

This is what I learned during GSoC: I am learning how to read other people's code which I always find pretty daunting stuff. Moreover, I have learnt about MLT Framework which is quite awesome to work with.

R. Harish Navnit

Project Name: Port Kopete to KF5

A Brief Description: Kopete still contains some KDE3 libraries and does not use the latest KDE libraries (KF5/Qt5). This project aims to integrate with Kopete with KF5.

Status: Half-way through removing KDE3 dependencies from libkopete.


IRC Nick: rharish

IRC Channels: #kopete, #kde-devel, #kde-soc, #kde-in

Blog: https://harishnavnit.wordpress.com/blog

This is awesome about GSoC: Everything about GSoC is awesome :) To be able to work on something that will actually be in production(so to say), is for a student, a rare opportunity indeed. In addition, interacting with mentors and developers from across the world and learning new things everyday is priceless.

This is what I learned during GSoC: Setting up scratch repos and modifying a large codebase.

Bhushan Shah

Project Name: TV Optimized Dashboard support

A Brief Description: This project aims to provide the containment and user interface for the Plasma Media Center which can be easily controlled using the remote control

Status: Discussed design with VDG, currently working on the basic containment

Screenshot: screencast of containment

IRC Nick: bshah

IRC Channels: #plasma #kde-devel #kde #kde-in #gsoc

Blog: Blog of Bhushan Shah

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Sagar Chand Agarwal

Project Name: Port of GCompris in Qt Quick

A Brief Description: GCompris is a high quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. Major categories are game oriented but educational and it spans across arthimetic,reading science,games,music and a lot more.GCompris is developed on GTK+ framework based on C and Python

I am working on the newer version of GCompris based on Qt Quick.It helps to deliver across Desktop and Tablet platforms.My role is to create newer activites and port existing activities.

Status: Working on creation of science and computer activities as well as porting of exisiting activities

Screenshot: 778px-Watercycle_gcompris.png

IRC Nick: sagaragarwal94

IRC Channels: #gcompris

Blog: https://scagarwal.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC: "Flipping bits,not burgers"

This is what I learned during GSoC:My blog will brief all the information.Updated every activity.

Michael Bohlender

Project Name: Akonadi2 Settings

A Brief Description: The goal is to port the Widget based configuration dialog of Akonadi to QtQuick.

Status: Drafting QML APIs

IRC Nick: mbohlender

IRC Channels: #kontact

Blog: mbohlender.wordpress.com

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