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Status reports for GSoC, OPFW and SoK 2013.

Student Name

Project Name:

A Brief Description:



IRC Nick:

IRC Channels:


This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Denis Steckelmacher

Project Name: A New Query Parser and Auto-Completed Input Field for Nepomuk

A Brief Description: Implement a query parser for Nepomuk based on real compiler technologies (lexing, parsing) instead of regular expressions, and able to parse more complex and human-friendly queries and searches. Also implement an input widget (derived from QLineEdit) that allows the user to enter queries which are syntax-highlighted and auto-completed.

Status: Definition of the parser's grammar


IRC Nick: steckdenis

IRC Channels: #kde-soc on Freenode, but I'm quicker at responding to emails

Blog: http://steckdenis.be

This is awesome about GSoC: Working for a big project and with very skilled people

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Jan Grulich

Project Name: Touchscreen friendly NetworkManager applet and network settings module

A Brief Description: Create a new NetworkManager applet for Plasma active including a setting module for creating and configuring connections. Both parts will be optimized for touchscreen devices.



IRC Nick: jgrulich

IRC Channels: #kde-devel, #kde, #solid, #plasma, #active, #kde-soc, #fedora-kde

Blog: http://grulja.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Filipe Saraiva

Project Name: Improve Cantor Backend for Scientific Programming in Python

A Brief Description: This proposal aims to improve the backend to python scientific programming in Cantor, using numpy, scipy and matplot libraries.



IRC Nick: filipesaraiva

IRC Channels: #kde, #kde-brasil, #kde-devel, #kde-edu, #kde-soc

Blog: Filipe Saraiva's blog

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Ivan Čukić

Project Name: [Plasma/KWin] Shell switching and conditional component loading

A Brief Description: Dynamically loading shells and components based on the environment (device capabilities, properties, input devices...)

Status: And it all began


IRC Nick: ivan|home

IRC Channels: #plasma

Blog: http://ivan.fomentgroup.org/blog

This is awesome about GSoC: you can first be a mentor, and later a student

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Maria Far

Project Name: Krita Webshop

A Brief Description: Create and manage the new and shiny Krita Webshop, posting stuff and interview artists in the Krita Webshop Blog, and doing some work in the Krita website.



IRC Nick: imeim

IRC Channels: #krita, #chakra, #chakra-es, #kde-women, #kde-soc

Blog: http://kritawebshopblog.wordpress.com

This is awesome about OPFW:

This is what I learned during OPFW:

Michael Bohlender

Project Name: Polish Kontact Touch “Mail” to fit Plasma Active UI / UX

A Brief Description: I want to polish “Mail” of Kontact Touch by giving it a UI/UX rework to make it a true PA Application. This means: 1.) Port Mail of Kontact Touch to Plasma Components 2.) Rework the interaction design of Mail in the process



IRC Nick: mbohlender

IRC Channels: #active #plasma #kontact #akonadi #kde-soc

Blog: http://mbohlender.blogspot.com

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Sven Brauch

Project Name: Collaborative text editor based on KTextEditor and kde-telepathy

A Brief Description: This project aims to implement a collaborative text editor as a KTextEditor plugin, and make it use telepathy for data transfer in the background.

Status: A prototype for the editor part exists, as described on http://scummos.blogspot.de/2013/04/collaborative-editing-in-kte-prototype.html

Screenshot: later ;)

IRC Nick: scummos

IRC Channels: #kdevelop #kde-telepathy #kde-devel #kde-soc on freenode (and some others which are fairly unrelated ;)

Blog: http://scummos.blogspot.de (kde-related posts also on planet KDE)

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Ahmed AbouElhamayed

Project Name: Web interface plus service - Simple Project Report

A Brief Description: This project aims to provide insight about KDE projects from one place instead of having to go through 4 different sources. The web service should be able to fetch data from these sources and show them in one place, with the ability to view statistics and graphical reports. It should also contain API to provide the same functions as the graphical interface.

Status: Prototype

Screenshot: PrototypeKDE2.png

IRC Nick: TheMonster

IRC Channels: #kde-devel,#kde-soc,#kde-sysadmin,#kde-www

Blog: http://kdeprogress.blogspot.com/ (Till I get one on planetKDE)

This is awesome about GSoC: I get to learn a lot and do a real useful thing and I get to meet and talk to a great open source community.

This is what I learned during GSoC:

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