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Status reports for GSoC, OPFW and SoK 2013.

Student Name

Project Name:

A Brief Description:



IRC Nick:

IRC Channels:


This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Denis Steckelmacher

Project Name: A New Query Parser and Auto-Completed Input Field for Nepomuk

A Brief Description: Implement a query parser for Nepomuk based on real compiler technologies (lexing, parsing) instead of regular expressions, and able to parse more complex and human-friendly queries and searches. Also implement an input widget (derived from QLineEdit) that allows the user to enter queries which are syntax-highlighted and auto-completed.

Status: Definition of the parser's grammar


IRC Nick: steckdenis

IRC Channels: #kde-soc on Freenode, but I'm quicker at responding to emails

Blog: http://steckdenis.be

This is awesome about GSoC: Working for a big project and with very skilled people

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Jan Grulich

Project Name: Touchscreen friendly NetworkManager applet and network settings module

A Brief Description: Create a new NetworkManager applet for Plasma active including a setting module for creating and configuring connections. Both parts will be optimized for touchscreen devices.



IRC Nick: jgrulich

IRC Channels: #kde-devel, #kde, #solid, #plasma, #active, #kde-soc, #fedora-kde

Blog: http://grulja.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Filipe Saraiva

Project Name: Improve Cantor Backend for Scientific Programming in Python

A Brief Description: This proposal aims to improve the backend to python scientific programming in Cantor, using numpy, scipy and matplot libraries.



IRC Nick: filipesaraiva

IRC Channels: #kde, #kde-brasil, #kde-devel, #kde-edu, #kde-soc

Blog: Filipe Saraiva's blog

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Ivan Čukić

Project Name: [Plasma/KWin] Shell switching and conditional component loading

A Brief Description: Dynamically loading shells and components based on the environment (device capabilities, properties, input devices...)

Status: And it all began


IRC Nick: ivan|home

IRC Channels: #plasma

Blog: ivan.fomentgroup.org/blog

This is awesome about GSoC: you can first be a mentor, and later a student

This is what I learned during GSoC:

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