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'''A  Brief Description:'''  Porting showfoto thumb-bar to Qt4 Model/View, Making a new class depends on Kurl class, adding some functions like : "drag n drop , right click menu , showing and hiding names under thumbnails,....."
'''A  Brief Description:'''  Porting showfoto thumb-bar to Qt4 Model/View, Making a new class depends on Kurl class, adding some functions like : "drag n drop , right click menu , showing and hiding names under thumbnails,....."
''' Status: ''' Pending
''' Status: ''' Finished Porting Showfoto Thumb bar to Qt4 Model/View
                  working on some extra features
''' Screenshot: '''
''' Screenshot: '''
''' IRC Nick: ''' TOOTIS
''' IRC Nick: ''' TOOTIS

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Status reports for GSoC, OPFW and SoK 2013.

Student Name (Please leave this as a template and make a copy for yourself!)

Project Name:

A Brief Description:



IRC Nick:

IRC Channels:


This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Matěj Laitl

Project Name: Amarok MTP Collection Rewrite With Emphasis on Android Device Support

A Brief Description: MTP is the official way to manage files on millions of recent Android devices. The MTP support in Amarok will be completely rewritten under this project, drastically simplifying the design, using up-to-date technologies and future-proofing the support with recent advances of Linux MTP stack in mind. It will also allow for a deprecated framework to be removed from Amarok and will add new features like on-the-fly transcoding.

Status: See weekly reports on the blog.

Screenshot: GSoC2013-MTP-w1-collection.png

IRC Nick: strohel

IRC Channels: #amarok

Blog: strohel.blogspot.com

This is awesome about GSoC: Flipping bits instead of burgers!

This is what I learned during GSoC: TBD

Mohamed Anwer

Project Name: Port Showfoto Thumb bar to Qt4 Model/View

A Brief Description: Porting showfoto thumb-bar to Qt4 Model/View, Making a new class depends on Kurl class, adding some functions like : "drag n drop , right click menu , showing and hiding names under thumbnails,....."

Status: Finished Porting Showfoto Thumb bar to Qt4 Model/View

                  working on some extra features

Screenshot: File:/home/tootis/Documents/snap1.png


IRC Channels: #kde-devel , #kde-edu , #kde-soc

Blog: http://mohammed-anwer.blogspot.com/

This is awesome about GSoC: learning new things, participating in a huge open source projects and contacting developing communities

This is what I learned during GSoC:


Project Name: Porting plasmoids to plasma2

A Brief Description: A great advantage in porting it is reduce the code maintenance effort for the KDE community. The plasmoids written in QML will have considerably less code as QML allows the creation of fluid UIs in a powerful declarative way. The Javascript/C++ bundle efficiently handles all the back-end implementation, leaving the designers to concentrate on the animations and UI simplicity.


                  Trash :Done
                  Window-list: Done
                  Clock : Doing

Screenshot: trash.png trash.png wf1.png wf.png

Google+: heena

IRC Nick: stack3457

IRC Channels: #kde-edu, #kde-soc, #plasma, #kde-devel,#gsoc

Blog: my_blog

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Akshay Ratan

Project Name: Improvements and Enhancements for Plasma Media Center

A Brief Description: This project aims to make Plasma Media Center even better with improvements in the existing features as well as enhancements to this powerful application. One such major proposed addition is to layout a keyboard navigation scheme so that each part of PMC can be usable by the keyboard alone. Features such as addition of Dropbox plugin and polishing of existing online services are also proposed.

Status: PMC RC Version released. Folder Preview and Local File Browser Search Implemented. Now working on a feature to add Media to Collections using nepomuk file indexer.

Work Progress Update: http://akshaycode.blogspot.in/2013/07/trysts-with-my-gsoc-project-part-i.html

Screenshot: placesModel.png


IRC Nick: akshay_r

IRC Channels: #kde-in, #kde-soc, #plasma, #kde-devel,#gsoc

Blog: www.akshaycode.blogspot.com

This is awesome about GSoC: The satisfaction of working on a real life project and writing codes for a software which would perhaps be used by millions of people. Also flexible working schedule with awesome mentors is great !

This is what I learned during GSoC: Better Coding conventions, More about Git , CMake Files , QML. Each and every day during GSoC gives some kind of learning experience.

Denis Steckelmacher

Project Name: A New Query Parser and Auto-Completed Input Field for Nepomuk

A Brief Description: Implement a query parser for Nepomuk based on real compiler technologies (lexing, parsing) instead of regular expressions, and able to parse more complex and human-friendly queries and searches. Also implement an input widget (derived from QPlainTextEdit) that allows the user to enter queries which are syntax-highlighted and auto-completed.

Status: Parser, widget and auto-completion done. A patch has been submitted to make Dolphin use the Query Builder widget. As my GSoC project was finished in advance, I also developed a Konqueror and a Firefox plugin that extract information from the web-pages visited by the user and index them in Nepomuk. Currently, only mails read on well-known web-mails are supported. Nepomuk File Indexers for MIME/mbox and vCard were also developed.


Auto-completion-1.png Groupedlineedit-2.png

IRC Nick: steckdenis

IRC Channels: #kde-soc on Freenode, but I'm quicker at responding to emails

Blog: http://steckdenis.be

This is awesome about GSoC: Working for a big project and with very skilled people

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Jan Grulich

Project Name: Touchscreen friendly NetworkManager applet and network settings module

A Brief Description: Create a new NetworkManager applet for Plasma active including a setting module for creating and configuring connections. Both parts will be optimized for touchscreen devices.


Screenshots: activeapplet.png activesettings.png

IRC Nick: jgrulich

IRC Channels: #kde-devel, #kde, #solid, #plasma, #active, #kde-soc, #fedora-kde

Blog: http://grulja.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Filipe Saraiva

Project Name: Improve Cantor Backend for Scientific Programming in Python

A Brief Description: This proposal aims to improve the backend to python scientific programming in Cantor, using numpy, scipy and matplot libraries.



IRC Nick: filipesaraiva

IRC Channels: #kde, #kde-brasil, #kde-devel, #kde-edu, #kde-soc

Blog: Filipe Saraiva's blog

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Ivan Čukić

Project Name: [Plasma/KWin] Shell switching and conditional component loading

A Brief Description: Dynamically loading shells and components based on the environment (device capabilities, properties, input devices...)

Status: The support for more shells finished. Solid library got a QML api. KActivities ported to Qt5.


IRC Nick: ivan|home

IRC Channels: #plasma

Blog: http://ivan.fomentgroup.org/blog

This is awesome about GSoC: you can first be a mentor, and later a student

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Maria Far

Project Name: Krita Webshop

A Brief Description: Create and manage the new and shiny Krita Webshop, posting stuff and interview artists in the Krita Webshop Blog, and doing some work in the Krita website.



IRC Nick: imeim

IRC Channels: #krita, #chakra, #chakra-es, #kde-women, #kde-soc

Blog: http://kritawebshopblog.wordpress.com http://imeimim.wordpress.com/

This is awesome about OPFW:

This is what I learned during OPFW:

Michael Bohlender

Project Name: Polish Kontact Touch “Mail” to fit Plasma Active UI / UX

A Brief Description: I want to polish “Mail” of Kontact Touch by giving it a UI/UX rework to make it a true PA Application. This means: 1.) Port Mail of Kontact Touch to Plasma Components 2.) Rework the interaction design of Mail in the process

Status: initial mockup + usecases done; Ported to Page based application layout, MailListPage almost done.



see https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2wLkUtvD4v_SjBnTWx5YklnRTQ&usp=sharing for more

IRC Nick: mbohlender

IRC Channels: #active #plasma #kontact #akonadi #kde-soc

Blog: http://mbohlender.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC: I get to do something meaningful and get paid for it

This is what I learned during GSoC:

René Küttner

Project Name: An OpenGL SceneGraph for Marble

A Brief Description: Marble Virtual Globe is a nice project for working with maps. The software rendering is smart and works very well. However, there are some limitations with the software rendering that hardware accelerated graphics (like OpenGL) solves. This proposal is about a SceneGraph structure that will allow for abstracting the actual graphics scene from the rendering backend within Marble as well as grouping and rendering objects in 3D space.

Status: See the code repository at GitHub: https://github.com/rku/marble/tree/gsoc-2013-scenegraph


IRC Nick: rku

IRC Channels: #marble, #kde-soc, #kde-devel, #gsoc

Blog: http://zombofant.net/blog/tags/gsoc2013

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Sven Brauch

Project Name: Collaborative text editor based on KTextEditor and kde-telepathy

A Brief Description: This project aims to implement a collaborative text editor as a KTextEditor plugin, and make it use telepathy for data transfer in the background.

Status: Collaborative editing works good, including background highlighting and other fancy stuff; you should currently not use "replace tabs by spaces" and text snippets as it's broken (a fix is being worked on). Editing documents with contacts works for one contact, or for pre-existing chatrooms, at least on some jabber servers.

Screenshot: EH5t0Rm.png

IRC Nick: scummos

IRC Channels: #kdevelop #kde-telepathy #kde-devel #kde-soc on freenode (and some others which are fairly unrelated ;)

Blog: http://scummos.blogspot.de (kde-related posts also on planet KDE)

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Ahmed AbouElhamayed

Project Name: Web interface plus service - Simple Project Report

A Brief Description: This project aims to provide insight about KDE projects from one place instead of having to go through 4 different sources. The web service should be able to fetch data from these sources and show them in one place, with the ability to view statistics and graphical reports. It should also contain API to provide the same functions as the graphical interface.

Status: Bugs Part: Done. Git Part: Done. Mailing Lists Part: Almost Done. IRC Channels Part: Still in Progress.

Screenshot: PrototypeKDE2.png This screenshot is from the the prototype but I believe it represents the collective idea of the project better. However, you can see a live version of the project at: http://reports.kde.org

IRC Nick: TheMonster

IRC Channels: #kde-devel,#kde-soc,#kde-sysadmin,#kde-www

Blog: https://ahmedabouelhamayed.wordpress.com/

This is awesome about GSoC: I get to learn a lot and do a real useful thing and I get to meet and talk to a great open source community.

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Somsubhra Bairi

Project Name: Animation support in Krita

A Brief Description:The project aims to add animation support in Krita by adding a timeline interface to create/edit animation and store the animation in a new animation format plus add some animation specific tools.


Screenshot: 51c720242e09d.png

IRC Nick: somsubhra

IRC Channels: #krita, #calligra, #kde-soc, #kde-in

Blog: http://somsubhra.com/techblog

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Jaydeep Solanki

Project Name: Improve ePub support for Okular

A Brief Description: Improve ePub rendering (change rendering engine) and some usability enhancements in Okular.

Status: Rendering is in its alpha stage


IRC Nick: jaydp17

IRC Channels: #okular, #kde-soc, #kde-in

Blog: http://jaydp17.wordpress.com/

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Punit Mehta

Project Name: Polishing file structure, Application Actions and UI features in Khipu

A Brief Description: Khipu is an advanced mathematical function plotter application of the KDE Education Project. Khipu is in playground now. This project includes improvement in the basic and necessary features which are some Application Actions, Persistence file and Plot Dictionary support as well as improving UI of Khipu and its code base so that Khipu can be releasable at the end of GSoC.

Status: Persistence file support, Application actions,dictionary support,tests and documentation are almost completed. We are in the process of reviewing and improving the whole code. We hope to have Khipu's release soon.

Screenshot: Khipu_Space3D.png Click Here for the screenshots and more information regarding the application.

IRC Nick: punit9462

IRC Channels: #kde, #kde-edu, #kde-soc, #kde-in

Blog: http://punit9462.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC: Working with awesome,skilled people and contributing to the project you love the most which is going to be used by millions across the globe.

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Lukas Appelhans

Project Name: Extending Muon to different platforms

A Brief Description: This project is about supporting Muon on more platforms, which means writing backend plugins for it using PackageKit and akabei. While it will give basic support for a lot of distributions, we will discuss, review and improve the current backend abstraction. I will also develop another abstraction layer for creating simple notifiers on whether a system needs to be updated, which can be used e.g. in a plasmoid.

Status: Notifier abstraction done (ported apt and dummy plugin to it, currently bringing it in a mergeable state), PackageKit backend (done, only bugfixes and some decisions needed), Akabei Backend (package listing done except appstream support, package installing/removing done, addons done)


IRC Nick: boom1992

IRC Channels: #kde-devel #kde

Blog: http://boom1992.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Albert Vaca Cintora

Project Name: KDE Connect: Integrate Android with KDE

A Brief Description: The goal of this project is to add communication between your Android phone and your KDE desktop. This way we can, for example, show a desktop notification when you receive a new message, sync your photos over WiFi or pause the music on the computer automatically during a call.


- Implemented kdeconnect backend: Wi-fi connection, rsa encryption.

- Implemented features: Notifications sync, clipboard share, multimedia remote control.

- To-do: File transfer





IRC Nick: albertvaka / elvaka

IRC Channels: #kde-devel #kde-devel-es #kde-cat #gsoc #kde-soc

Blog: http://albertvaka.wordpress.com/

This is awesome about GSoC:

- Introducing myself in an open source community.

- Working with hackers that know a lot more than me.

- BlueSystem's KDE office in Barcelona :)

This is what I learned during GSoC:

- That I know nothing.

Sahil Nagpal

Project Name: Improving the filter module of Krita and adding more filters to it

A Brief Description: Krita currently has a limited set of classic filters . However there are problems with the current filter implementations, for instance in the edge-detection filters. Also, there are some important filters which are absent and need to be implemented in Krita like Color Balance, Spot Blur, Match Color, Wavelet Decompose Filter, Screen Gradient. Status:


IRC Nick: sahil

IRC Channels: #krita, #kde, #calligra

Blog: https://nagpalsahil.wordpress.com/

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

David Rosca

Project Name: Port libqzeitgeist to libzeitgeist2

A Brief Description: Just recently, Zeitgeist released libzeitgeist2, which includes direct database access as a performance boost. libqzeitgeist is still using the raw DBus API which is slower.

Status: I started working on it in GitHub repository (https://github.com/nowrep/qzeitgeist)

IRC Nick: nowrep

IRC Channels: #zeitgeist #kde-soc

Blog: http://davidrosca.blogspot.com

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Anant Kamath

Project Name: Send SMS messages using ModemManagerQt and Telepathy

A Brief Description: To upgrade ModemManagerQt to use the newer SMS sending API in ModemManager 0.7+ and to implement a GUI for sending/receiving SMSs and managing SIM card contacts using Telepathy.

Status: The connection manager works and successfully sends/receives messages to/from contacts. How received messages are going to be handled is to be finalized. The accounts-kcm gui is also done.

Screenshot: Pintxo contactslist.png

IRC Nick: flak37

IRC Channels: #kde-devel #kde-telepathy #solid #plasma

Blog: http://hashpling.wordpress.com

Oindrila Gupta

Project Name: Assisting in the first release of Artikulate

A Brief Description: While attempting to learn a new language, the most basic and common problem that an individual faces is of speaking the language with fluency and proper pronunciations. Artikulate, a pronunciation trainer, aims at improving and perfecting the pronunciation skills of the user, thereby helping in speaking foreign languages with ease. It is currently in the KDE Edu Playground i.e., it is still under development and has not been released yet.


Screenshot: mock0.png

IRC Nick: oini

IRC Channels: #kde-edu, #kde-women, #kde-in, #kde, #kde-soc, #gsoc

Blog: http://www.oinig.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Yiou Wang

Project Name: Port digiKam Image Editor Canvas Classes to Qt4 Model/View

A Brief Description: Image Editor is one of the many reasons making digiKam such a cool application. Its core components for previewing images, ImageRegionWidget and Canvas, depend on Q3ScrollView, which is based on Qt3Support class. In the next Qt5, Qt3Support class will disappear. So it is necessary to port these classes to Qt4 model/view. Besides, this project can bring some new features of Qt4 model/view which will make Image Editor new features implementation a lot easier.


Screenshot: port.png

IRC Nick: geow812

IRC Channels: #kde-devel, #digikam-soc-devel, #digikam-devel

Blog: http://www.yiouwang.com/blog/

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Gowtham Ashok

Project Name: Image Quality Sorter for digiKam

A Brief Description: Good quality and bad quality pictures can be computationally separated to provide better workflow. This project aims to integrate Image Quality Sorting capability into digiKam.



IRC Nick: gwty93

IRC Channels: #digikam

Blog: http://www.gwty93.com

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Saurabh Patel

Project Name: digiKam: Cloud Integration Export Plugin

A Brief Description: Creating kipi export plugin in digiKam to upload photos to google-drive and dropbox

Status: Google Drive Code submitted. Waiting for review


IRC Nick: saurabh_p

IRC Channels: #digikam

Blog: http://www.saurabhpatel7717.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Denis Kuplyakov

Project Name: Port KReversi to QML/QtQuick

A Brief Description: The main aim of the project is to port KReversi to use QML/QtQuick instead of QGprahicsView. QML implementation will be consume less of code and will be easier to maintain.

Status: Final code is submitted. All features are working. Writing documentation, polishing code, waiting for review.


Final QML implementation

IRC Nick: denerkup

IRC Channels: #kdegames

Blog: http://kreversiqml.blogspot.ru/

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Nhu Dinh Tuan

Project Name: Exiv2 Cloud Ready Project

A Brief Description: Exiv2 reads and writes files on the local file system. These files can be memory mapped if this feature is supported by the host OS. With the increasing interest in "cloud" computing, it's become ever more common for files to reside in remote locations which are not mapped to the file system. Very common cases today are ftp and http. This project is to support http, https, ftp and ssh for Exiv2. The implementation provides bi-directional support (both read and write) with read-access being the first priority.

Status: Everything is done. The code is merged to the trunk. You can checkout at http://dev.exiv2.org/projects/exiv2/repository/show/branches/gsoc13


IRC Nick: nhudinhtuan

IRC Channels: #kde, #digikam


This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Soumajyoti Sarkar

Project Name: HDR Composer Plugin for Digikam

A Brief Description: Digikam is one of the major photo editing and management softwares available in KDE. This project aims to extend its current ExpoBlending tool which merges and blends bracketed exposures, into an HDRI( High Dynamic Range Imaging) creation tool .It aims to provide the professional as well as non-professional photographers a tool that would give an HD view to the blended image of the stack of bracketed exposures captured through a camera .



IRC Nick: soumajyoti

IRC Channels: #kde, #digikam

Blog: http://soumajyoti.wordpress.com/

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Andrei Duma

Project Name: Marble meets ownCloud

A Brief Description: This project intends to enhance Marble with syncing capabilities by integrating it with ownCloud, the personal cloud platform.

Status: The PHP back-end is almost complete (80-90%). The JavaScript front-end is 65-70% done. The CSS styling of the web-app is 75% done.

Screenshot: 51f964a104e83.png

IRC Nick: AndreiDuma

IRC Channels: #kde, #marble, #owncloud-dev

Blog: http://blog.andreiduma.ro

This is awesome about GSoC: Engaging in a friendly community, gaining valuable experience, being carefully mentored.

This is what I learned during GSoC: PHP and JavaScript essentials, how to structure a large project, how to think ahead and plan for the future.

Aniket Anvit

Project Name: Adding Friction force and Pulley-Cord object in STEP

A Brief Description: This project aims at enabling STEP to support simulation for situations involving friction and also to allow creation of pulleys in the work-space. Other features which are being added to STEP are of Frame-Change and of Back-Simulation. Additionally a little work is to be done on mass/charge desity and improving graphics.

Status: Frame-Change and Back-Simulation are working with a little more work to be done to make the behaviour more perfect. Friction ( with user defined restitution) and PulleyCord are almost ready .

Screenshot :Step screenshot.jpeg

IRC NIck : pakko

IRC Channels : #kde, #kde-edu, #kde-devel

Blog : http://aniketanvit.wordpress.com/

This is awesome about GSoC : Being mentored, getting a chance to learn and to work on something new

This is what I learned during GSoC : A lot of numerical methods (Runge Kutta, Conjugate Gradient etc. ) and the working of a physics engine ( collision detection, collision solving, ) and many other stuff so far .

Chinkal Nagpal

Project Name: Krita Webshop

A Brief Description: The responsibilities under this project involves planning and launching a new venture of Krita namely Krita Webshop, maintaining the website of Krita, creating merchandise, to contact and collaborate with Krita artists for the project etc.

Status: Krita Webshop - Up and flourishing, Krita Website - 75% of the scheduled changes done, Other works such as tracking artworks, contacting artists, interviewing, forum management is more of a continual work.

Screenshot: You can check out the web-shop here [1] and website here [2]

IRC Nick: Chinkal

IRC Channels: #krita #krita-shop #kde-women

Blog: http://kritawebshop.wordpress.com

This is awesome about OPW: The people here, they are the best --> A cherry on top of my already awesome project!

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Magdalena Konkiewicz

Project Name: Artikulate

A Brief Description: Artikulate is a pronunciation trainer in KDE Edu playground. It was created to help people with learning new languages and perfectioning their pronunciation skills. The project is currently under development and I will be helping with its first release.

Status: In progess: gathering recordings and translations (many for Polish anf French are already done), currently implemeting GHNS in the program. Contributor manual completed!!!

Screenshot: Skeleton unit.png IRC Nick: konki

IRC Channels: #kde-edu #kde-soc #opw #artikulate

Blog: http://konkiewiczm.wordpress.com/

This is awesome about GSoC: learning so much

This is what I learned during GSoC: git!!!

Chandan Kumar

Localization team management Tool

A Brief Description: It is a a web application that handle all the localization (translation) team management (apps booking, and review process). More details are given here: http://community.kde.org/KDE_Localization/LTMT

Status: Working on Booking system for translators for booking files.


IRC Nick: chandankumar

IRC Channels: #kde-i18n, #kde-soc, #kde-in

Blog: http://ciypro.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC: Net_LDAP

Martin Bříza

Project Name: Improving polkit integration in KDE

A Brief Description: Preparing the polkit agent and wrapper libraries in KDE/Qt for future Qt5 usage and making it fit better in the KDE Plasma Workspaces



IRC Nick: mbriza

IRC Channels: #kde-soc, #kde-devel, #kde, #solid, #fedora-kde

Blog: http://martinbriza.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Pavol Rohár

Project Name: Integrate Trojita to KDE

A Brief Description: Trojita is fast IMAP email client written in pure Qt. So integrate it into Kontact/KDEPIM/KDE like email client KMail.

Status: Implemented support for plugins, created addressbook plugins (old KResource and new Akonadi) for autocompletion email addresses, created password plugins (KWallet, QtKeyChain) for storing passwords in secure storages. And working on Kontact KPart plugin which embed Trojita main window into Kontact application (like KMail or Akregator).


Selecting addressbook and password plugins:

Trojita1.png Trojita2.png

Trojita in Kontact:


Autocompletion of email addresses from addressbook plugin:


IRC Nick: Pali

IRC Channels: #trojita


This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Adrian Draghici

Project Name: Marble KML Editor

A Brief Description: Thie project focuses on adding support for GroundOverlay rendering and developing a visual way for editing KML files, currently unavailable in Marble.

Status: GroundOverlay rendering is 95% done, editing mode is partially started.

Screenshot: iktHXnw.jpg

IRC Nick: adrianb

IRC Channels: #kde, #kde-devel, #kde-soc, #marble

Blog: http://adrianbd.wordpress.com/

This is awesome about GSoC: Having the chance to interact with a passionate community and work on a project that is actively being used by a large number of people giving constant feedback.

This is what I learned during GSoC: Working with a big codebase, complying with coding standards and using various programming practices, as well as understanding the importance of unit testing.

Claudio Desideri

Project Name: Make the Create > Play > Discuss process work in Gluon Project

A Brief Description: I'm currently writing a QML version of the Gluon desktop player. I will also integrate this and the creator application with Simple OCS server used by gamingfreedom.org. My final aim is to launch a version which is usable from creation of games to deployment, with website, ocs webserver, creator and player. I should be glue to the great work done in those years by the Gluon team in various parts of the project.

Status: For now, I'm experimenting with plasma components' QML. I'm alreasy starting to implement a simple working example of the QML Gluon Player. I will anyway reuse much code already wrote for the old player, especially that one using libAttica etc. OCS server still needs updated to the current OCS protocol version.

Screenshot: Nothing much interesting for now, but check planet regularly as I'll post something soon :)

IRC Nick: snizzo

IRC Channels: #gluon, #kde-devel

Blog: http://playgfx.blogspot.com

This is awesome about GSoC: The possibility to learn new things, work on so many parts of a project, with so many technologies... all being paid! I would have worked if not picked up by GSoC.

This is what I learned during GSoC: For now, I have to be very open mentally, as I have to work with different technologies, languages and paradigms.

Mahesh Hegde

Project Name: Video Metadata write support for Digikam

A Brief Description: Digikam uses Exiv2,which is cross platform library to play with Image and video metadata.Currently we area aiming at extending its support to write metadata within Video files.It makes video management in Digikam and also any application using Exiv2,more interactive and helpful,by extending the functionality to add custom tags.

Status: Previous year GSoCer Abhinav is helping me and also he is mentoring this project.Exiv2 team members Robin,Gilles,Andrias and Tuan are very supportive and helped me to start working on project very quickly.


IRC Nick: mmh

IRC Channels: #gentoo #lfs-support


This is awesome about GSoC: Working with very nice people who are always ready help and share knowledge,and treat new contributor as nice as family member is something really special.

Konrad Zemek

Project Name: Reimplement Amarok 1.4 (FastForward) & iTunes importers on top of Statistics Synchronization framework, and add Amarok 2.x and Rhythmbox as synchronization targets.

A Brief Description: The basic goal of this project is to make it possible to easily synchronize personal track metadata (like playcount or user rating) between Rhythmbox, iTunes, and Amarok.



IRC Nick: kzemek

IRC Channels: #amarok #gsoc #kde #kde-soc

Blog: http://konradzemek.com/category/gsoc/

This is awesome about GSoC: Why, the t-shirt of course! Also: the priceless experience, great people to hang with and something really fun to do during the summer.

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Veaceslav Munteanu

Project Name: digiKam - Tags Manager

A Brief Description: A brand new tool for managing image tags designed to improve digiKam's user experience. Managing tags will be much easier with large collections and lots of maintenance options. Also I will keep records of my progress on my blog, check out category

Status: Planned

Screenshot: digikam-gsoc1.png

IRC Nick: Veaceslav

IRC Channels: #digikam #kde

Blog: http://slaviq.wordpress.com/category/gsoc/

This is awesome about GSoC: I always enjoy working with people from different countries and it also helps me to flip bits not burgers :)

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Tatiana Gornak

Project Name: Audio СD collection refactoring.

A Brief Description: The goal of this project is more solid support of audio CD in Amarok.



IRC Nick: melandory

IRC Channels: #amarok #gsoc

Blog: http://melandory.blogspot.com/search/label/gsoc

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Henry de Valence

Project Name: KStars data processing with OpenCL

A Brief Description: KStars does all of its data processing in a really wasteful way. I'm going to rewrite it using OpenCL.



IRC Nick: hdevalence

IRC Channels: #kde-kstars, #kde, #kde-devel

Blog: http://hdevalence.ca/blog

This is awesome about GSoC: Being able to work on cool projects with cool people!

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Nikolaos Chatzidakis

Project Name: KMix2

A Brief Description: KMix for KDE needs some fresh air. I 'm gonna write a new audio mixer for KDE with lots of new stuff!


Screenshot: 422157_313140052149383_776536088_n.jpg

IRC Nick: nikhatzi

IRC Channels: #gentoo-el, #opensuse-el, #kde-multimedia

Blog: http://www.nikhatzi.gr/

This is awesome about GSoC: To be able to learn new stuff about things you like, and do your best to contribute to the magnificent world of opensource!

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Utku Aydın

Project Name: ownCloud storage and synchronization for Marble

A Brief Description: Marble is very successful at displaying maps that you like and helping you find your way. And ownCloud is the project that lets you liberate your cloud data and bring it to under your control. This project aims to marry these two projects and let Marble users store their data on their own cloud servers and synchronize them across all devices they run Marble on. In the end, this project will enable Marble to communicate with its own ownCloud application, which is being developed by Andrei Duma as a GSoC project.

Overall Status: Route synchronization now usable, but not bug-free. QML bindings are being created.

Status Reports (with screenshots):

IRC Nick: utku

IRC Channels: #marble, #kde-soc, #gsoc

Blog: http://utkuaydin.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC: Being able to work with people skilled and passionate.

This is what I learned during GSoC: One can have a love–hate relationship with C++.

Sayantan Datta

Project Name: Local Adjustment Tool in digiKam

A Brief Description: digiKam features an existing graphical interface tool "image editor" to make manipulations and user defined edits in an image. Apart from the local contrast tool, these edits apply to the entire image. The local adjustment tool would be similar to the one present in the existing commercial software Nikon Capture NX-2 ™. In more detail, this tool would help users to make user defined selections in the image, based on the color of a point selected and a circle encircling the region identifying the region of interest of the user.

Status: Pending


IRC Nick: kenzo450D

IRC Channels: kde-devel, kde-in, digikam, nitdgplug

Blog: http://sayantanfoto.blogspot.in/

This is awesome about GSoC: Everything! :D :D :D

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Anmol Ahuja

Project Name: Revamp Amarok's Scripting Interface

A Brief Description: My proposal aims at revamping the Amarok scripting interface, and adding new scripts demonstrating the new scripting API while also adding cool new features to Amarok. Also planned: unit tests, new scripting console, running script management

Status: Pending


IRC Nick: DarthCodus

IRC Channels: #amarok #gsoc #kde #kde-devel #kde-in #kde-soc

Blog: http://gsoc2013.anmolahuja.com

This is awesome about GSoC: Everything :)

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Luke De Mouy

Project Name: Implement Change Tracking Backend

A Brief Description: Write a new Operational Transformation based change tracking backend for Calligra, and hook it into the office suite. Work with OASIS to help advance and develop the change tracking specification in ODF.

Status: In Progress


IRC Nick: Luke_Wolf

IRC Channels: #calligra


This is awesome about GSoC: That it's a good opportunity to learn and get your name out there.

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Alexander Mezin

Project Name: Better touchpad support for KDE

A Brief Description:

  1. System Settings module for touchpad configuration
  2. Plasmoid that will allow enabling/disabling touchpad
  3. Daemon that automatically disables touchpad when external mouse is plugged in

Status: I have fully working KCModule. Almost any touchpad's property can be configured with it.

Repository: git://anongit.kde.org/scratch/alexandermezin/touchpad.git

Screenshot: TouchpadKCM2.png

IRC Nick: sanya-m

IRC Channels: #solid

This is awesome about GSoC:

  1. Working on interesting project
  2. Being paid for it

This is what I learned during GSoC:

  1. Xlib, xcb
  2. UI design is a rocket science
  3. Licenses are really important stuff.

Antonis Tsiapaliokas

Project Name: Rewrite KWin Desktop Effects

A Brief Description: The goal of this project is to rewrite the KWin Desktop Effects from scratch. The new Version will be written on QML2 and it will include the Qt Quick Controls and various other compomenents from the QML Multimedia

Status: Started coding


IRC Nick: kokeroulis

IRC Channels: #kwin

Blog: kokeroulis.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Giorgos Tsiapaliokas

Project Name: Enchantments to Bodega Content System

A Brief Description:

The proposal is about adding some enchantments to the bodega content system. My proposal contains(in short) the below tasks

  • implement the ratings functionality for the assets in the bodega-server (1)
  • implement a comment system for the bodega system (2)
  • add support in our clients(bodega-client and bodega-webapp-client) for the collections. (3)


IRC Nick: terietor

IRC Channels: #plasma-devel

Blog: terietor.wordpress.com

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

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