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''' IRC Nick: ''' spacetime
''' IRC Nick: ''' spacetime
''' IRC Channels: ''' #kde-edu #kstars #kde-in
''' IRC Channels: ''' #kde-edu #kstars #kde-in

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Status Report:GSoC and SoK 2012


Puneet Goyal

Project Name: Enhancement to peer-to-peer DBus for Telepathy DBus Tubes

A _Brief_ Description Telepathy is a modular framework for real-time communications that handles voice, video, text, file transfer, and so on. It makes extensive use of the D-Bus messaging bus and a modular design. When an application connects to a peer to peer dbus tube, it must know what exactly to look for. Even When it registers for another object, the other side of the tube must know about it. So the ideas is to create a class that could ease the object to register and unregister on the DBus Tubes, and to provide you with an interface similar to the one as a DBus Server.

Status: Implementing org.freedesktop.DBus.Peer Interface and Adapter- almost complete


IRC Nick: puneetgoyal

IRC Channels: #kde-telepathy

Blog: http://dcetech.com/puneet I am going to start the blog soon!

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:

Cyril Oblikov

Project Name: Asynchronous errors handling during file transfer

A _Brief_ Description The goal is to bring powerful, easy to use and suitable for both desktops and touch devices way to handle errors during copying or moving files. Since this project will be finished, errors will no more block copying process. The functionality for kdelibs is already done in last GSoC. You can see my blog posts about it: first, second.

Google+: munknex

Blog: http://munknex.net

Rishab Arora

Project Name: Improving Data Storage, Logs and adding DSO catalogs to KStars

A _Brief_ Description My proposal aims at improving the way the data is handled inside KStars. All user data which is currently being fed by multiple text files can be consolidated into a SQLite database which also makes the data more manageable and resolves many issues. This will also let me improve drastically on the ability to create portable logs about sky objects with a detailed interface and storage. However, in cases where reading the text files (comma/space/colon delimited) is necessary, I shall create separate provisions for processing them which is robust, tested and reliable. I shall also target the way the sky objects are stored and referenced and transfer all those objects to another SQLite database to make the data more manageable.

Status: Porting the User DB to SQLite and replacing old file usage.


IRC Nick: spacetime

IRC Channels: #kde-edu #kstars #kde-in

Blog: http://blog.rishab.in/category/kde/

This is awesome about GSoC:

This is what I learned during GSoC:


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