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Status Report: GSoc and SoK 2011


Your Name

Project Name: (Link to your project home page)

A _Brief_ Description (such as you would tell someone who is not highly technical)

Goal (or aim, objective...the title doesn't matter. What did you set out to accomplish?)

Result (What did you actually accomplish, project status, how well did you achieve your goal?)

Best thing about GSoC or SoK for you

What did you learn (the most important thing)

Screenshot (If appropriate; 100 ppi)

Link (Blog/Mailing List Archive): (Add more than one link if you want)

Camila Ayres

Project: Umbrello UML Modeller QGraphicsView Port

Status Update: KDE-RS Blog (Brazil)

IRC Nick: camilasan

IRC Channels: #umbrello, #kde-brasil, #kde-women

Daker Fernandes Pinheiro

Project: QML Qt Components Set

Status Update: Documenting API and still fixing bugs before merging into master

Link (Blog): http://codecereal.blogspot.com/2011/05/plasma-components.html

Link (Blog): http://codecereal.blogspot.com/2011/07/back-to-plasma-components.html

Short description: The QtComponents project is aiming to provide an api and a series of widget sets completely based upon QML. the actual implementation is platform-dependent, so KDE needs its own platform specific set made with the plasma theming mechanism,for both the desktop and the mobile.

IRC Nick: dakerfp

IRC Channels: #kde-devel, #plasma, #pugpe, #kde-brasil, #qt-devel, #openbossa, #active

Daniel E. Moctezuma

Project: Improving the user experience in Kiten

Short description: This project aims for the following improvements

  • Improve (or write a new) deinflection system.
  • Add more search filtering options (word type filters, match ending, etc.)
  • 'Update' feature for EDICT and KANJIDIC dictionaries.
  • Write a Kanji Browser module to help users learn kanji.
  • Bug fixes and code polishing.

Status: Completed and merged into master.

Link (Project): https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdeedu/kiten

Link to Git repository (on gsoc2011 branch)

Some screenshots:

Awesomeness of GSoC: All the work done by students in GSoC/SoK will have an impact in Free Software and the world.

What I learned: Time organization is always important.

IRC Nick: dmoctezuma

IRC Channel: #kde-edu on Freenode

Srikanth Tiyyagura

Project: Tagging and Resource Management in Krita

Description: Abstract of my project

Status: Completed Resource Management, Tagging and Sketch Book Tagging.

Links for Blog Posts:

IRC Nick: sri13

IRC Channels: #krita, #calligra

Screenshot: picture contains both tagging and resource management

Awesome about GSOC: Working hard to get into gsoc and the guidance showed by KDE people (It's really great. . !)

Learned: Working out until get satisfied with the code and its functionality . . . ;)

Vishesh Yadav

Project: Mercurial Plugin for Dolphin

Links (Project):




IRC: #[email protected]

Paul Mendez

Project: Improving management of slides in Calligra Stage

Link (Project): http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/project/google/gsoc2011/paulms/16001

Link (Blog/Mailing List Archive): http://paulm-byte.blogspot.com/




IRC: #calligra, #stage (paul_m)

Tirtha Chatterjee

Project: Implementation of tab grouping in Rekonq





Radek Wicik

Project: Map Browser element for Kexi Forms, Reports and Calligra documents

Link (Project): http://community.kde.org/Kexi/Junior_Jobs/Map_Browser_Form_Widget

Link (Blog): http://rockfordsone.blogspot.com

Link (Screenshot): [1]

Link (Forum Archive): https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/season-of-kexi

What was awesome about GSoC ? Project, task and Mentor and community support.

One thing you learned: Apart of some programming techniques and that with kexi/calligra complexity is like with iceberg: you see only the top of it, I think that the most important is that I've learned how the community works, where to look for help and that people like to help. Ok, there should be one thing, but there is one other is also feel important: I've learned that lots of things is already written and that the "code" is somewhere there and is ready for use and/or learn from it.

Cyril Oblikov

Project: Improvements in KIO File Transfer

Link (Project): http://goo.gl/JvWHr

Link (Blog): http://munknex.net

Post: Errors Handling During File Transfer

Post: GSoC Results: Interaction Dialog

Awesome thing about GSoC: Working on with such an awesome FOSS community :) Also users feedback is a great pleasure.

One thing I learnt: kdelibs are very useful :)

Arthur Arlt

Project: Modularization of KWin Workspace

Link (Blog): http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2011/05/guest-post-a-hello-from-kwin-gsoc/

Link (Blog): http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2011/08/guest-post-crash-exam-relaunch/

Rafał Kułaga

Project: Printing support for KStars

Aim of the project: The aim of my project was to extend KStars printing support in a way that will enable users to print finder charts with logging forms, containing multiple field of view snapshots and details about observed objects, in a way that ensures both customizability and ease of use.

Status: All features from the proposal completed together with a few other features and fixes. Merged with master branch.

What was great about GSoC: What's great about GSoC is that it enables people to start contributing to Open Source projects in an organized way: with clear objectives, timeline and someone that will follow their progress and help them, if it's needed.

One thing I've learnt: Apart from the experience I've gained while working on actual coding, I believe my communication and project planning skills have improved.

Screenshots: In my summarising post: http://rkulaga.wordpress.com/2011/08/25/my-gsoc-2011-project-finished/

Link (Project): http://goo.gl/Q3aCM

Link (Blog): http://rkulaga.wordpress.com/

IRC nick: rkulaga

GTalk nick: rl.kulaga









Francesco Nwokeka

Project: Integration of kde-telepathy with the plasma workspace
Description: My project consisted in porting KDE-Telepahty to the plasma desktop with the aid of plasmoids.

Blog: http://nwoki.wordpress.com/
Irc: #[email protected] (nwoki)

Presence Plasmoid
KDE-Telepathy Alpha release post
Nepomuk QML Plugin for the ktelepathy library
KDE-Telepathy contacts

What was awesome about GSoC:
The GSoC is an excellent way to:

  • get into real coding if you have no experience
  • polish your coding skills
  • get to know skilled and awesome people in the community
  • get you further integrated in the KDE/Gnome community

but mostly of all, it gives you the opportunity to show your love and dedication for the project you're working with which was my case as I was already contributing code to KDE-Telepathy before the GSoC started and used this opportunity to show off some cool ideas I had.

One thing you learned:
Nothing is too hard to accomplish if you love what you do

Karan Pratap Singh

Project: KDE Plasma Educational Desktop

Project Description: KDE Plasma Educational Desktop is aimed at school children who are in the 4th Grade or lower classes. It will enable the children access to great KDE EDU software through an easy to use and interactive desktop environment.

KDE Plasma Educational Desktop will also provide an option to be remote controlled by the class teacher so that the children can only run the approved softwares on their desktops.

It will also have an easy to use Application Launcher plasmoid which will be used by children to launch the applications.

KDE Plasma Educational Desktop is a joint project of both KDE Plasma and KDE EDU.

As soon as the desktop version is done, Tablet and Netbook versions will also be developed.

Screenshot 1: http://kpsfoo.in/blog/gsoc-update-after-a-looong-time-2/chat_app_2/

Screenshot 2: http://kpsfoo.in/blog/gsoc-update-after-a-looong-time-2/containment_1/

What was awesome about GSoC: There are a lot of things which were awesome in the GSoC with KDE:-

1) I got to work on an actual project which will provide significant benefits to the students.

2) I got to learn a lot and interact with all the Genius people involved in KDE.

3) I learnt how to get help, how to communicate better with others and how to have fun KDE style ;)

4) I also learnt that proper time and project management skills are crucial for a fruitful outcome!

5) I am now a member of the community and will continue to contribute to make KDE even more awesome than it already is!

6) Since this was my first time working for an Open Source organization, I learned a lot of the dynamics behind how Open Source software actually works!

One Thing I learned: Coding is just part of the process. Always understand the problem and then begin coding. Communication with your mentors and understanding and interpreting their guidelines correctly is a must! And the best way to learn new code is to add little debug/print statements all over the code so that you know which part does what exactly! And never ever ever assume anything, it will cost you precious time! :)

Blog: http://www.kpsfoo.in/blog



Irc: #[email protected] (kps_foo)

Viranch Mehta

Project: Porting KDE Plasmoids to QML

Description: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/project/google/gsoc2011/viranch/9001

Links (blog+screenshots):






Link (mailing list): http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/plasma-devel/

Awesome thing about GSoC: It got me involved with KDE which I had been wanting to do since very long, and I'm now a proud KDE contributor ;)

One thing I learnt: You've got to be highly motivated and committed to become and remain a part of any FOSS community. The only motivation for me is my passion for programming, and KDE!

IRC nick: viranch

Pranav Ravichandran

Project: Integrating the SMARTS Game AI System into Gluon

Link (blog): http://pranavrc.wordpress.com/2011/04/30/plunging-into-gluon-and-kde-with-gsoc/

IRC nick: Pranav_rcmas

Sinny Kumari

Project: Making Plasma Media Center ready for first release

Link (Wiki):http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Plasma/Plasma_Media_Center

Link (Project): https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/multimedia/plasma-mediacenter/repository

Link (Blog):


IRC : #plasma-mediacenter (ksinny)

What was awesome about GSoC : Got experience of writing a real world project in a fixed time duration.

Learnt: Managing Time, modularization of bigger task, working together in a team and understanding each other.

Sudhendu Kumar

Project: HTML replies in KMail

Link (Project): - http://sudhendu.in/node/13



Link (Blog): - http://www.sudhendu.in

IRC: #kontact (ROYal007)

Daniel Marth

Project: Marble goes Mobile, Take 2

Link (Project): http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/danielmarth/1

Link (Wiki): http://www.proggen.org/doku.php?id=user:dani93:gsoc:2011

IRC nick: marthd

Aakriti Gupta

Project: Single-canvas presentation mode in Calligra Stage

Links :

Project Proposal


GSoC Project: Single Canvas presentation mode in Calligra Stage

Presentations, the (new) Stage way (With links to screenshots, video with a demo of the feature)

Sample presentation (used for my project presentation at the Desktop Summit)

GSoC for me, was awesome because...

With this project I started my contribution to open source software that I use and like. A summer put to good use, implemented a feature I like, worked with great developers, earned for the first time, attended the Desktop Summit in Berlin and now feel part of the awesome KDE community - what more to ask for!

One thing I learnt

Believe in yourself and ask when you are not sure. They are awesome people out there, who started just like you.

IRC: #Calligra, #stage (aakriti)

Teo Mrnjavac

Project: Amarok Mobile Foundations

Blog posts: (1) Beginning Amarok Mobile

IRC: Teo` in #amarok on Freenode

José Millán Soto

Project: KMail, Kopete and Dolphin accessibility

Link (Blog): http://gpul.org/?q=en/blog/219

IRC nick: fid_jose

a short project description or link to one: This project is intended to solve the tradicional lack of accessibility support of KDE applications by making KMail, Dolphin and Kopete are accessible. However, most of the work I've done has been in the qt-at-spi bridge (the bridge which allows Qt applications to be handled by accessibility tools) and Qt itself.

what was awesome about GSoC: Contributing to a Free Software project with other developers and seeing how the project was improving.

one thing you learned: Good communication between developers and organizing yourself well are at least as important as writing code.

Rohan Garg

Project syncEvolution and KDE integration

Link (Blog): http://kshadeslayer.wordpress.com/2011/06/12/hello-planets/

Link (Blog): http://kshadeslayer.wordpress.com/2011/09/02/gsoc-update/

IRC nick: shadeslayer

Alessandro Buggin

Project Voxforge integration with Simon

Link (Blog): http://archandkde.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/gsoc-hello-planet/

Link (Blog): http://archandkde.wordpress.com/2011/08/24/failure/

Project details: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/project/google/gsoc2011/ahel/17001

IRC nick: ahel in #kde-soc #kde-accessibility #kde-devel #kde-italia

Mailing List: https://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=speech2text-development

Tudorica Constantin-Alexandru

Project: Kde on Windows installer using Attica

IRC nick: tudalex in #kde-windows

Blog: http://gsoc.tudalex.com/

Screenshot: http://www.tumblr.com/photo/1280/9294294829/1/tumblr_lqe0iy2Ax71qlwlt9

Description: A new installer for kde on windows that is software oriented instead of package oriented for Kde on Windows. Also the installer is compliant with the Open Collaborative Services API.

What was awesome about GSoC: Connected with a community of super talented and helpful people.

One thing I learned: Before I started GSoC I knew nothing about Qt and Kde programming just a little bit about C++ OOP. I learned a lot about those two.

Shantanu Tushar

Project: Digital Game Distribution Support and Enhancements for Gluon

Project Website: http://gluon.gamingfreedom.org/

Blog: http://www.shantanutushar.com/category/tags/gluon

IRC Nick: Shaan7

Adam Nash

Project: Context Dependent Speech Recognition for simon

Mailing List Archive: speech2text-development

Status Report (with screenshot): Final Weeks Blog Post

What is awesome about GSoC? The experience of working on a great program that will be useful to people!

What did I learn? I learned a lot about software design.

Svyatoslav Kuzmich

Project: Further improve the Vi Input Mode in Kate

Status report: http://kate-editor.org/2011/07/26/vimode-gsoc2011/

Git: git://anongit.kde.org/clones/kate/kuzmich/kuzmich_gsoc_2011.git

What is awesome about GSoC? Experience of working with open source.

What did I learn? A lot about Vim, Regexp's and testing. It was my first TDD experience

Siddharth Sharma

Project: PSD File import/export Support

Status: Single layer PSD Files now open correctly CMYK, LAB and RGB support done for them Currently working on support for psd files with multiple layers

Blog: http://www.siddharthkde.wordpress.com

IRC Nick: siddvicious

Jonathan Perichon

Project: Usability survey framework

Description: here

What was awesome about GSoC: The community: people are awesome, helping and devoted. That’s very motivating and reassuring when jumping in to the large community that is KDE. And it also encourages contributing after the GSoC.

One thing I learned: Time management and organization are really important to get things done correctly.


Core classes hierarchy: done

Grammar for parsing csv files: done

Plasmoid data engine: done

Plasmoid application: not completed

Currently (last week of GSoC): code clean-up, documentation, recipe for adding new question types

After: finish the plasmoid application, implement survey of the week pushed via GHNS, ...


(1) http://jonathan-perichon.com/gsoc-usability-survey-framework/

(2) http://jonathan-perichon.com/gsoc-usability-study-status-update/

Git: git://anongit.kde.org/scratch/perichon/kusabilitysurvey.git

IRC: #[email protected] (jperichon)

Martin Klapetek

Project: PIMO:Person integration into Akonadi-Nepomuk

Status: Working on Nepomuk service and Akonadi-Nepomuk-Contacts-Feeder

Blog: http://martys.typepad.com/blog/2011/06/gsoc-pim-nepomuk-and-telepathy.html

IRC: mck182 @ #kde-telepathy & #kontact & #nepomuk-kde

What was awesome about GSoC: It's a great opportunity to work on what you like and what you want. You know, when you're doing what you like as your day job, it's a blessing for you. That's exactly what GSoC is about and what is awesome about it.

On the awesome things about GSoC for KDE - being able to dive full time in a project I love and I believe in, that's what I found as the most awesome thing.

One thing you learned: How important it is to be able to organize your time, especially when you're working at home. From the coding-side, I really learnt a lot, be it theoretical stuff, programming techniques and patterns etc. And lastly - I learned that KDE is a bunch of really cool people to which I want and proudly will belong to.

Kunal Ghosh

Project: Desktop Synchronization For OwnCloud

Status Update: http://owncloud.org/index.php/Syncclient

IRC: gancient @ #ownclouod

Dmitry Kazakov

Project: Multithreaded Tool Actions System for Krita

Project Page: page

Goal Krita has two different subsystems accessing the image: tools and updating threads. The update process is safe (no two threads access the same pixel at the same time), but the tools are not owned by the scheduler, so they must use explicit locking to avoid collisions. I wanted to encapsulate the tools into job objects those will be stored in the same queue as updater's walkers. That would make the system safe so we'd be able to say "Krita is a truly multithreaded application"

Status: Finished the design of all the four subsystems. Implemented Strokes Framework and Non-tool Actions framework. Ported the most important painting tools to the new frameworks. Now they work more smooth because actual image processing is done separately and asynchronously from the UI events. Porting of some of the tools is still pending.

Awesome: It's always awesome to learn new things!

One thing I learned: You always need to think over the design of new systems well before actual writing begins.

Design documents: Interactional Tools, Strokes Framework, NonTool Actions Implementation, Recording System

IRC: dmitryK

Adrian Lungu

Project: Kate Code Folding

Project Proposal: Kate Code Folding - Proposal

Status: The project is completed. I want to use this last week to write a couple of more tests and for some fine tunning

Blog pages:

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Architectural Design

Week 3: Folding Algorithm

Week 4: Integrating the Folding Algorithm

Week 5: New Code Folding is taking shape

Final steps: Try Kate's new Code Folding

Final steps: Some technical details about Kate's Code Folding

Final steps: The Bug-less version of Code Folding

Michael Gapczynski

Project: ownCloud Sharing

Status: Sharing was merged into master. I'm almost finished and I am working on a few final UI components. I have plans to continue working on it after the release of ownCloud 2.0.

Project Proposal: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/mtgap/3001

Link (Blog): http://blog.gapinthecloud.com

Last blog post with screenshots: http://blog.gapinthecloud.com/2011/08/20/gsoc-new-sharing-interface-for-owncloud/

What was awesome about GSoC: I was welcomed into the ownCloud community and I was included in decisions about the design and components of ownCloud outside of my own GSoC work. I had a lot of fun and made money for my college education.

What I learned: I learned a lot about using git for version control and using classes and objects in php.

Jon Ander Peñalba

Project: KDE Demo


Milian Wolff

Project: C++2011 Support in KDevelop

Status: reading & implementing new spec

IRC nick: milian

Blog: http://milianw.de/blog

Links for Blog Posts:

Phaneendra Hegde

Project: Fancy Bookmarking for Konqueror and Rekonq using Nepomuk

Links (Proposal):


Links (Blog):


IRC nick:

  pnh (#nepomuk-kde)

Smit Shah

Project: Metadata Writeback using Nepomuk

Links (Proposal):


Links (Blog):


IRC nick:


Zhang Jie

Project: Clone Tool for Image Editor in Digikam

Link(Proposal): http://socghop.appspot.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/hybys/1001

Links (Blog): http://zhangjie-tobeme.blogspot.com/

IRC nick:: zhjie

What was awesome about GSoC: Do a project from the initial design to the program implementation and finally the program testing. It is a project that have all the parts, a complete project. I have full autonomy, though sometimes unexpected problems appear, I can't be more excited to go through all the parts.

What I learned: Do tests while programming is very important, not write over all codes then do tests as I did. Good coding habit is not very hard to form, but is very usefully and greatly benefit. It is the first time for me to switch coding from Windows to Linux, not as hard as I thought.

Yuvraj Tomar

Project: KDECore:Support for astronomical calendar systems

Documented Project Timeline: http://yuvrajtomar.blogspot.com

IRC Nick: yuvrajtomar

What was awesome about GSoC: The most awesome thing about GSoC was being a part of the enthusiastic KDE community and contributing to a project which kept me interested and motivated throughout the summer.

One thing that I learned: I learned not one thing in particular, but a lot of things over this summer, ranging fro concepts of astronomy to programming paradigms, and from implementing algorithms to learning a hands-on development role on something as huge as a global project.

Harald Sitter

Project: QML Video Support for Phonon

Link (Project): http://socghop.appspot.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/apachelogger/1

Links (Blog):

IRC Nick: apachelogger

Lucas Lira Gomes

Project: Integrate gpodder.net web service with Amarok podcasting functionalities

Link (Project): http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/project/google/gsoc2011/llg/7001

Link (Blog): http://pinguimengenheiro.blogspot.com

IRC Nick: MaskMaster

Konstantin Oblaukhov

Project: *.osm file render for Marble

Project Details: http://marble.kosyak.info/

IRC nick: ObKo (#marble)

Mahfuzur Rahman Mamun

Project: Advanced text layout recognition engine in Okular

Short description: This project aims for the following improvements over okular's current selection mechanism

  • Create a document layout analysis system so that multicolumn text selection is supported.
  • Same Feature for text highlighting in case of annotation.
  • Text selection and highlighting should be document independent.
  • Bug fixes and code refactoring so that the code can be merged.

Status: All proposal features are completed. Improved some tiny issues additionally.

Link (Project): http://nightcrawlerinshadow.wordpress.com/

Link to KDE Git repository

Some screenshots:

Awesomeness of GSoC: Students can work on various fields depending on their choice and they can work on real life software development under some efficient guidance.

What I learned: Dividing a large task into smaller parts and time scheduling. Also, I believe my communication skill has improved.

IRC Nick: nightCrawler

IRC Channel: #okular on Freenode

Benjamin Girault

Project: Panorama Stitching Assistant for Digikam (Kipi Plugin)

GSoC Idea Link: KDE Wiki

Short Description: The goal is to develop an assistant that is able to use the command line tools from Hugin to process photos to be stitched into a panorama. The requirements are simplicity and easiness: the assistant should allow the user to open Hugin only in some special cases like non standard projection.


Awesomeness of GSoC: Giving the motivation and a timeline to achieve a tool that I will be using in the future (and that I and the community was missing).

One Thing Learned: How to develop a kipi plugin.

Bruno Morais Ferreira

Project: Krita: Advanced image selection using SIOX

Project Details: http://community.kde.org/GSoC/2011/Ideas#Project:_Advanced_selection_using_SIOX

IRC nick: brunomf

What was awesome about GSoC To make part of a great open source project, collaborating for something really nice.

One thing you learned Improved the ability of written by other people code handling.


Aaditya Chauhan

Project: Start-Up Speed Optimisation

Status: Still looking at Options and working out Possibilties.

Link (blog): http://aadityachauhan1.blogspot.com/2011/05/season-of-kde.html

IRC nick: Aaditya_Chauhan







Aamir Khan

Project: Server-Server Synchronization in Owncloud

Link: http://www.owncloud.org

IRC Nick: syst3mw0rm

Puneet Goyal

Project: Making the Payment Detection Use Case in Alkimia

Status: Writing blog

Link: http://community.kde.org/Alkimia/Usecases/payment

Link(Blog): http://summer-opensource.blogspot.com

Project Info(Blog): http://summer-opensource.blogspot.com/p/what-am-i-doing.html

Project Experience(Blog): http://summer-opensource.blogspot.com/p/first-opensource-experience.html

IRC NICK: puneetgoyal

Amey Dharwadker

Project: Face Recognition in digiKam using embedded Hidden Markov Model (HMM)

Status: Written code for training embedded HMM in libface branch

Link: http://www.digikam.org/ , http://libface.sourceforge.net/

Afief Halumi

Project: Refactor KLettres and implement QML

Link: http://community.kde.org/KDEEdu/KLettres/SoC2011

Helder Oliveira

Project: Calligra Flow - Create an easy way to ordinary users make their own stencils.

Status: Creating ideas and verifying the possibilities.

Link (project): http://www.calligra-suite.org/flow/

Link (blog): http://helderc.wordpress.com/

IRC nick: Hutley

Shreya Pandit

Project: Web Browser element for Kexi Forms and Reports

Link (Project): http://community.kde.org/Kexi/Junior_Jobs/Web_Browser_Form_Widget

Link (Blog): http://shreyapandit.com

Link (Screenshot): [2] (more at http://blogs.kde.org/node/4448)

Link (Forum Archive): https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/season-of-kexi

What was awesome about SoK ? ..

Well first of all I got a chance to contribute to and be a part of such an awesome community..I went to the Desktop Summit in Berlin this year,hacked with my mentor and other people in the calligra team and yes...got to do a lot of coding in my holidays this summer! :)

One thing you learned ....

Well...internals of Calligra....now it won't take me much time to get accustomed while doing anything new.I fine -tuned my basics,learnt to meet up deadlines....learnt from my mistakes.And yes.....I got a feel of what industry-level programming is like :D

Felix Rohrbach

Project: Gluon: Statistics and Achievements

Description: Adding an easy way for game developers to collect statistics and use them for achievements and create a nice UI for gluon players to show achievements.

IRC nick: fxrh

Link (announcement): http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/gluon/2011-May/000006.html

Link (blog): http://fxrh.wordpress.com/2011/06/29/achievements-for-gluon/

Screenshot (player): [3]

What was awesome: Everything :) Especially having one project with strong support of the communuity and no discussions after two weeks of work about whether this feature should be merged into the project at all.

What I've learned: Motivation can replace quite a big part of the qualification needed for a project :)

Rajat Khanduja

Project: Kate: Improving the Modeline feature by providing a 'Modeline Editor'

Links (blog): (Newer ones appear at the top)

Rohan Prabhu (irc: thirtySeven)

Project: Playlist sharing in Amarok // EtherMedia

Link: http://rohanprabhu.com/?p=192

Alessandro Cosentino

Project: Integrating Akregator, Akonadi and Owncloud.

Wiki Link: http://algorithmsforthekitchen.com/wiki/doku.php

IRC nick: zimba12 on Freenode

Status report: http://algorithmsforthekitchen.com/wiki/doku.php?id=report

Tushar Mehta

Project: Speed limit on KIO protocols

Link (Project detail): http://summertimekde.blogspot.com/2011/06/improvements-in-kio-file-transfer.html

Link (Project Update): http://summertimekde.blogspot.com/2011/08/rate-control-in-ftp-transfer-is-ready.html

Link (Blog): http://summertimekde.blogspot.com/2011/06/about-me.html

IRC nick: tushar_mehta

Rovin Bhandari

Project: Improving data analyzers in Strigi.

Link (Project Wiki): http://community.kde.org/SoK/2011/Strigi

Link (Blog): (none so far, will create one soon)

IRC nick: rovinbhandari / rovinbhandari1

Sourava Prasad Mishra

Project: Java Support in KDevelop!

Link (Project Wiki): http://kdevelop.org/

Link (Blog): Soon! As the project rolls down.

IRC nick: sourav7mishra

Brijesh Patel

Project: Providing References tool in Calligra Words

Link (Project Wiki):


Link (Blog): http://kodewords.wordpress.com

IRC nick: erione

Smit Patel

Project: Providing References tool in Calligra Words

Link (Project Wiki):


Link (Blog): http://kodetortuga.wordpress.com

IRC nick: smitpatel24

Naman Muley

Project: Developing a Map Based Contact List UI for Telepathy

A _Brief_ Description Telepathy is used currently as a back end for diffusing the protocol differences in Instant Messaging. The Contact List, currently comes as a typical list. My work is to change that list into an interactive globe. The contacts will be pasted on their appropriate locations. So, next time when you want to talk to your friend in Zimbabwe, just turn the globe, zoom in a bit and click on his name which is showing him online in Zimbabwe.

Goal To get an interactive contact list for Telepathy and its applications.

Status: Completed pasting contacts on the map. Now, making it more interactive.i.e. click to chat.

IRC nick: Dunce

Result: Haven't comlpeted yet. On the third stage.

Best thing about SoK is, your mentor! mine is very supportive and patient. You get to learn loads. and since SoK is a shade more informal, i like it.

What did you learn I am a beginner in programming and so i learnt a lot in terms of collaborative coding, different platforms. I learnt Qt, marble API and the Telepathy Architecture ( though haven't fully understood the Telepathy architecture yet :P )

Link (Blog/Mailing List Archive): http://www.betweenthecomments.wordpress.com

Samir Hasan

Project: Mobile Billing System

Status: Starting to write code with the first version of developer documentation published

Link (Project Wiki): http://community.kde.org/Alkimia/Usecases/Billing

Link (Project Blog): http://www.incurlybraces.com/category/sok-mobile-billing-application

Project Progress:

1. http://www.incurlybraces.com/sok-mobile-billing-application-developer-documentation-ready.html

2. http://www.incurlybraces.com/sok-mobile-billing-application-some-mock-ui.html

IRC nick: sam1487

Seshagiri Prabhu

Project: Collage Creator tool (KIPI Plugin)

Link(Blog): http://seshagiriprabhu.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/sok-project-collage-creator-tool-kipi-plugin/

Status: Going through the source code.

IRC nick: seshagiri

Rushabh Gosar

Project: Working on Knights game

Link (Project Wiki): http://rushabhsportal.blogspot.com (not yet updated).

Status: Gone through the source code, waiting for Exams to end.

IRC nick: rushabhtechie55


Project: Fontwork Shape/Tool


Link(Blog): -

Status: Looking at codes seeing how fontwork is implemented.

IRC Nick: bhawna

Antonio J. Gallo

Project: Integrate and distribute the GPL funambol server with ownCloud and its internal storage


Status: Early integration of SyncML server as an ownCloud app: Done (at alpha status) Web interface to view an edit vcf (contact) files synced with the SyncML server integrated: Done Currently improving the SyncML server and working with Kunal into the client with the aim to sync any kind of file (like dropbox and so)

IRC Nick: antoniojgallo

Łukasz Spas

Project: http://community.kde.org/GSoC/2011/Ideas#Project:_Photo_Frame_Layouts

Link (Blog): http://coder89.wordpress.com/ (Not updated yet)

Link (github): http://github.com/coder89/PhotoFramesEditor - Daily updated project source (branch: master).

Status: scaling and cropping tools, integration with digiKam. Cooling champagne ;-)

Samikshan Bairagya

Project: Making KStars more useful for the scientifically inclined user.

Link (Project Details):


Links (Blog+Screenshots):




What was awesome about SoK and what I learned from this experience: Well SoK helped a long way in introducing me to real-world coding. I always believed that one should always do what is enjoyable as work. SoK reinforced my faith in it. Apart from learning so much about programming I was also introduced to a community of really cool people, always ready to help.

IRC Nick: samxan

Status: Fixed the magnitudes for comets. Introduced Recently discovered supernovae to the skymap of KStars. Implementing a notification system for new supernovae discoveries.

Dhruv Patel

Project: Developing a Presentation-view tool for digikam with much more functionality than showing fullscreen image like see and edit image metadata.

Links (Blog):



Supreet Pal Singh

Project: Developing a Presentation-view tool for digikam with much more functionality than showing fullscreen image like see and edit image metadata.

Links (Blog):



Arvind S Raj

Project: Compatibility with Tomahawk player and also implement the features of Tomahawk in Amarok.

Status: Separating GUI elements out of libtomahawk

Links (Blog): http://goo.gl/2gP8T

IRC(freenode): dnivra

Farhad Hedayati Fard

Project: Design a lock screen for Plasma Active

Status: started moving screenlock from krunner to kwin

IRC nick: farhad_hf

Blog: http://www.digidesk.ir

Debajyoti Datta

Project: Implementation of Perl Compatible Regular Expressions in CMake

Status: Started

Project Details: http://www.elpauer.org/?p=684

IRC nick: Debajyoti

Blog Address: http://dbdatta.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/about-me/

Pankaj Bhambhani

Project: Facebook Support in Choqok

Goal: To add support for Facebook service in Choqok, so that users can now interact with Facebook from within Choqok.

Result: Added basic Facebook support (add and view posts). Also, Choqok now uses KFacebook (from Akonadi Facebook Resource) instead of its own helperlib

IRC nick: pankajb64

Blog Address: Season of KDE (2011) Choqok Facebook Plugin

What was awesome about SOK ? The fact that you could learn about so many different things so quickly and so easily and get to interact with so many people. Also, the fact that code reuse is beneficial for quick and easy development of new things from similar old things.

One thing you learned Always keep you code readable :) There may be others using or editing it.

Snapshot Choqok Facebook Plugin Snapshot

Mojtaba Shahi

Project: working on calligrawords/stylemanager dialog

Project Link: http://www.calligra-suite.org/

Status: stylemanager dialog have some problem and working to fix them

IRC nick: moji

What was awesome about SOK ? that you can be in a big project and do something in future

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