Status Report: GSoc and SoK 2011



Project: (Link to your project home page)

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Daniel E. Moctezuma

Project: Improving the user experience in Kiten

Link (Project):

IRC: #[email protected]

Srikanth Tiyyagura

Project: Tagging and Resource Management in Krita

Links (Blog Posts): These are links for individual blog posts

Paul Mendez

Project: Improving management of slides in Calligra Stage

Link (Project):

Link (Blog/Mailing List Archive):

IRC: #calligra, #stage (paul_m)

Tirtha Chatterjee

Project: Implementation of tab grouping in Rekonq


Radek Wicik

Project: Map Browser element for Kexi forms, reports and Calligra documents

Link (Project):

Link (Blog):

Link (Forum Archive):!forum/season-of-kexi

Cyril Oblikov

Project: Improvements in KIO File Transfer

Link (Project):

Link (Blog):

IRC/GTalk nick: munknex

Arthur Arlt

Project: Modularization of KWin Workspace

Link (Blog):

Rafał Kułaga

Project: Printing support for KStars

Link (Project):

Link (Blog):

IRC nick: rkulaga

GTalk nick: rl.kulaga


Francesco Nwokeka

Project: Integration of kde-telepathy with the plasma workspace


Irc: #[email protected] (nwoki)

Karan Pratap Singh

Project: KDE Plasma Educational Desktop


Irc: #[email protected] (kps_foo)

Viranch Mehta

Project: Porting KDE Plasmoids to QML

Link (blog):

Link (mailing list):

IRC nick: viranch

Pranav Ravichandran

Project: Integrating the SMARTS Game AI System into Gluon

Link (blog):

IRC nick: Pranav_rcmas

Sinny Kumari

Project: Making Plasma Media Center ready for first release

Link (Project):

Link (Blog):

IRC : #plasma-mediacenter (ksinny)

Sudhendu Kumar

Project: HTML replies in KMail

Link (Project): -

Link (Blog): -

IRC: #kontact (ROYal007)

Daniel Marth

Project: Marble goes Mobile, Take 2

Link (Project):

Link (Blog): -

IRC nick: marthd

Aakriti Gupta

Project: Single-canvas presentation mode in Calligra Stage

Project Proposal:


IRC: #Calligra, #stage (aakriti)

Teo Mrnjavac

Project: Amarok Mobile Foundations

Blog posts: (1) Beginning Amarok Mobile

IRC: Teo` in #amarok on Freenode

José Millán Soto

Project: KMail, Kopete and Dolphin accessibility

Link (Blog):

IRC nick: fid_jose

Rohan Garg

Project syncEvolution and KDE integration

Link (Blog):

IRC nick: shadeslayer


Aaditya Chauhan

Project: Start-Up Speed Optimisation

Status: Still looking at Options and working out Possibilties.

Link (blog):

IRC nick: Aaditya_Chauhan

Aamir Khan

Project: Server-Server Synchronization in Owncloud


IRC Nick: syst3mw0rm

Puneet Goyal

Project: Making the Payment Detection Use Case in Alkimia


IRC NICK: Puneet

Amey Dharwadker

Project: Face Recognition in digiKam

Link: ,

Afief Halumi

Project: Refactor KLettres and implement QML


Helder Oliveira

Project: Calligra Flow - Create an easy way to ordinary users make their own stencils.

Status: Creating ideas and verifying the possibilities.

Link (project):

Link (blog):

IRC nick: Hutley

Shreya Pandit

Project: Web Browser element for Kexi forms, reports and Calligra documents

Link (Project):

Link (Blog):  ?

Link (Forum Archive):!forum/season-of-kexi

Felix Rohrbach

Project: Gluon: Statistics and Achievements

IRC nick: fxrh

Link (announcement):

Rajat Khanduja

Project: Kate: Improving the Modeline feature by providing a 'Modeline Editor'

Link (blog):

Rohan Prabhu (irc: thirtySeven)

Project: Playlist sharing in Amarok // EtherMedia


Alessandro Cosentino

Project: Integrating Akregator, Akonadi and Owncloud.


IRC nick: zimba12 on Freenode

Tushar Mehta

Project: Speed limit on KIO protocols

Link (Project):

Link (Blog):

IRC nick: tushar_mehta

Rovin Bhandari

Project: Improving data analyzers in Strigi.

Link (Project Wiki):

Link (Blog): (none so far, will create one soon)

IRC nick: rovinbhandari / rovinbhandari1

Sourava Prasad Mishra

Project: Java Support in KDevelop!

Link (Project Wiki):

Link (Blog): Soon! As the project rolls down.

IRC nick: sourav7mishra

Brijesh Patel

Project: Providing References tool in Calligra Words

Link (Project Wiki):

Link (Blog):

IRC nick: erione

Smit Patel

Project: Providing References tool in Calligra Words

Link (Project Wiki):

Link (Blog):

IRC nick: smitpatel24

Naman Muley

Project: Developing a Map Based Contact List UI for Telepathy

Status: Working Around Marble , Designing the app

Link (Project Wiki): Coming up soon..

IRC nick: Dunce

Samir Hasan

Project: Mobile Billing System

Status: Starting to write code with the first version of developer documentation published

Link (Project Wiki):

Link (Project Blog):

Project Progress:



IRC nick: sam1487

Seshagiri Prabhu

Project: Collage Creator tool (KIPI Plugin)

Link (Project Wiki):

IRC nick: seshagiri

Rushabh Gosar

Project: Working on Knights game

Link (Project Wiki): (not yet updated).

Status: Gone through the source code, waiting for Exams to end.

IRC nick: rushabhtechie55


Project: Fontwork Shape/Tool


Link(Blog): -

Status: Looking at codes seeing how fontwork is implemented.

IRC Nick: bhawna

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