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Status Report: GSoc and SoK 2011



Project: (Link to your project home page)

Link (Blog/Mailing List Archive): (Add more than one link if you feel)

Daniel E. Moctezuma

Project: Improving the user experience in Kiten

Link: https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdeedu/kiten

Srikanth Tiyyagura

Project: Tagging and Resource Management in Krita

Link (Blog/Mailing List Archive): http://sri13atkritadevel.wordpress.com/

Paul Mendez

Project: Improving management of slides in Calligra Stage

Link (Blog/Mailing List Archive): http://paulm-byte.blogspot.com/

Tirtha Chatterjee

Project: Implementation of tab grouping in Rekonq


http://thebengaliheart.wordpress.com/2011/06/02/gsoc-tab-grouping-in-rekonq/ http://thebengaliheart.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/live-and-dead-sessions-2/ http://thebengaliheart.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/thoughts-about-tab-grouping-in-rekonq/

Radek Wicik

Project: Map Browser element for Kexi forms, reports and Calligra documents

Link (Project): http://community.kde.org/Kexi/Junior_Jobs/Map_Browser_Form_Widget

Link (Blog): http://rockfordsone.blogspot.com

Link (Forum Archive): https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/season-of-kexi

Cyril Oblikov

Project: Improvements in KIO File Transfer

Link (Project): http://goo.gl/JvWHr

Link (Blog): http://munknex.net

IRC/GTalk nick: munknex

Arthur Arlt

Project: Modularization of KWin Workspace

Link (Blog): http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2011/05/guest-post-a-hello-from-kwin-gsoc/

Rafał Kułaga

Project: Printing support for KStars

Link (Project): http://goo.gl/Q3aCM

Link (Blog): http://rkulaga.wordpress.com/

IRC nick: rkulaga

GTalk nick: rl.kulaga





Francesco Nwokeka

Project: Integration of kde-telepathy with the plasma workspace

Blog: http://nwoki.wordpress.com/

Irc: #[email protected] (nwoki)



Project: (Link to your project home page)

Link (Blog/Mailing List Archive): (Add more than one link if you feel)

Aamir Khan

Project: Server-Server Synchronization in Owncloud

Link: http://www.owncloud.org

IRC Nick: syst3mw0rm

Puneet Goyal

Project: Making the Payment Detection Use Case in Alkimia

Link: http://community.kde.org/Alkimia/Usecases/payment

Amey Dharwadker

Project: Face Recognition in digiKam

Link: http://www.digikam.org/ , http://libface.sourceforge.net/

Afief Halumi

Project: Refactor KLettres and implement QML

Link: http://community.kde.org/KDEEdu/KLettres/SoC2011

Helder Oliveira

Project: Calligra Flow

Link: http://helderc.wordpress.com/

Shreya Pandit

Project: Web Browser element for Kexi forms, reports and Calligra documents

Link (Project): http://community.kde.org/Kexi/Junior_Jobs/Web_Browser_Form_Widget

Link (Blog):  ?

Link (Forum Archive): https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/season-of-kexi

Felix Rohrbach

Project: Gluon: Statistics and Achievements

IRC nick: fxrh

Link (announcement): http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/gluon/2011-May/000006.html

Rajat Khanduja

Project: Kate: Improving the Modeline feature by providing a 'Modeline Editor'

Link (blog): http://yetanothercomputermaniac.blogspot.com/ (This is where I shall post more about the project, so far nothing has been put up regarding SoK)

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