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Google Code-in

This is a contest for pre-university students ages 13-17. Please be aware GCI will start about a month earlier this year than in previous years - the contest starts for students October 23rd 2018.

Organization applications open for GCI orgs next week on Thursday, September 6th, and close less than 2 weeks later on Monday, September 17th. We will announce organizations on Tuesday, September 18th giving orgs 5 weeks to create their tasks before the contest begins on October 23rd.

Mentors: please join [KDE-Soc-Mentor] list if you are not subscribed.

Contest site: | Announcement:

The major changes for GCI 2018

  • Orgs will evaluate the 20 students completing the most tasks with their org when deciding on finalists and winners
  • Orgs will choose 6 finalists (instead of 5)
  • We have renamed the User Interface category to Design
  • Students will have to wait until Google reviews their Parental Consent form before they can claim their first task. This will slow things down but it is a requirement to be able to continue the program.
  • No tasks asking for personal information about students will be allowed (this includes tasks asking for students to introduce themselves with info like what country they are from, or photos of the students, etc.).

Please add task ideas in the following areas, followed by mentor name:

Code: writing or refactoring

Documentation/Training: creating/editing documents and helping others learn more

Outreach/Research: community management, marketing, or studying problems and recommending solutions

Quality Assurance: testing and ensuring code is of high quality

Design: graphic design or user interface design

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.