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FreeBSD KDE Ports

You can install KDE software (either the KDE4 Software Collection, or KDE KDE Plasma with KDE Applications) from both packages and ports. It's a lot faster to install from packages, and compiling KDE software will also take a lot of disk space and memory.


Packages are available from the official FreeBSD package repository.

Installing KDE4
The meta-port for KDE4 is called x11/kde4, but there are also dependent ports for the larger components such as x11/kde4-workspace.
Installing Plasma5 and Applications
The meta-port for KDE Frameworks 5 is called x11/kf5-frameworks, but each individual framework can be installed separately.
The meta-port for KDE Plasma5 is called x11/plasma5-plasma, but each individual component can be installed separately.
There is no KDE Appications meta port. The closest thing is x11/kde-baseapps which pulls in the essentials. Each application can be installed individually.
There is a fat metaport x11/kde5.

To install KDE packages on supported FreeBSD versions (10.3 and later, and generally x64):

 # pkg install x11/kde4                     # For KDE4
 # pkg install x11/kde5                     # For the Qt5 based KDE experience

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