Screenshot Gallery

This is a screenshot gallery of KDE software running on FreeBSD, from very old versions (of both KDE and FreeBSD) to the most modern.

Tobias Berner's Plasma Desktop 5.3.2
Running on 11.0-CURRENT, showcasing a dual-monitor setup with Konqueror, digiKam, Dolphin, KInfoCenter and Cantata.De tcberner plasma532.png
[email protected]'s KDE SC 4.7.4
Running on 10.0-CURRENT, showing several network applications: Konversation for IRC, KDE Telepathy for instant messaging, and two plasmoids for Twitter and RSS feeds.File:En avilla kde474 2.png
Maxim Ignatenko's KDE 4.2.0
With Ukrainian localization running on 8.0-CURRENT, showing System Settings and some plasmoids.File:Uk maximignatenko kde420 1.png
Andy Fawcett's KDE 4.1.0
Showing a KDE 3 application (Konversation) and several KDE 4 applications.File:En andyfawcett kde410 1.png

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