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These frequently asked questions are sorted into groups according to whether they are applicable to all KDE software versions, or particularly KDE4 or KDE Frameworks, Plasma Desktop and Applications. Note that Trinity (KDE3) is not supported by the KDE/FreeBSD team.


What's the difference between ports and packages?
Short answer: ports are compiled locally from source code, packages are pre-compiled binary files. There's also the long answer.
I am having difficulty getting KDE working properly on FreeBSD. Where can I get some help?
The setup page is probably the best place to start from.
If that doesn't solve the problem, try the general KDE and FreeBSD FAQs.
KDE/FreeBSD mailing list is another good source of information.
IRC, #kde-freebsd on Freenode, is usually a good place to find answers to all sorts of questions, but be sure you have checked the first two resources beforehand.
Why doesn't krandomapplication work with FreeBSD, while it works perfectly under Linux?
Unfortunately, some programs have not been written with portability in mind, and as such may not work on FreeBSD. Some APIs (application programming interfaces) that may be used are not supported by FreeBSD, quite often for technical or political reasons.
A KDE application crashed and I want to file a bug report at https://bugs.kde.org, but the backtrace in the KDE crash manager is "useless". What can I do?
To enable debugging support in a KDE port, build it with WITH_DEBUG defined. You can set it on the command line (example: # make -DWITH_DEBUG && make install) or put it into /etc/make.conf (WITH_DEBUG=yes).
Hey, who's in charge here anyway?
We wish we knew. Here's the way the KDE/FreeBSD team is currently organized.
KDE/FreeBSD is pretty nice. How do I help?
The area51 page for the bleeding edge has some ideas. Another good place is on KDE/FreeBSD's own IRC channel, #kde-freebsd on Freenode. Drop in, hang around, listen to what's going on for a while. You'll soon find all sorts of things that need to be done.
How do I get KDE4?
See the setup page, but the very short of it is, install package `x11/kde4`.
How do I get KDE5?
There is no KDE 5. There are the KDE Frameworks, which are in ports at the beginning of 2017. There's the KDE Plasma workspace, which we expect to have in ports in 2017Q2, and KDE Applications, which are also going into ports in 2017Q2. But there's no KDE 5. Except that you can cheat and install package x11/kde5, which is a metaport for the three main software products shipped by the KDE community.

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