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== What is FreeBSD? ==
== What is FreeBSD? ==

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What is FreeBSD?

FreeBSD is a Free Software operating system distributed under the 2-clause BSD license. The FreeBSD website has all the information needed (especially the handbook) to install and configure FreeBSD itself.

KDE on FreeBSD

The KDE on FreeBSD website is supposed to be the definitive source of information.

KDE4 builds on FreeBSD, but is still very buggy (if Konsole is all you need, it is fine).

This wiki page will be used to collect compilation hints, debugging tips, etc. Additional information can be found on the FreeBSD KDE4 Wiki.

Building KDE4 under FreeBSD

Please see the Building KDE4 page for general instruction on building KDE4 from SVN. See the Building KDE4 under FreeBSD page for specific information for FreeBSD.

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