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This page tracks the status of KDE Frameworks on Microsoft Windows.

Note: you MUST use emerge to build qtbase since it adds a patch that is essential for the functionality of all the frameworks.

All frameworks that are in emerge are buildable: emerge frameworks_tier1 frameworks_tier2 frameworks_tier3

status overviews

the framework has built fine and the tests run
the framework has built fine but some tests fail
the framework fails to build
the framework is not in emerge
the framework is untested

tier1 overview

package / compiler msvc2010_32 msvc2013_64 mingw_64
attica done done done
karchive liblzma dep doesn't build done 2/4 pass
kcodecs done done done
kconfig 12/13 pass[1] done done
kcoreaddons doesn't build[2] done done
kdbusaddons done done done
kglobalaccel done done done
kguiaddons done done done
ki18n done done done
kidletime no tests no tests no tests
kimageformats 1/11 pass 1/11 pass 1/11 pass
kitemmodels done done done
kitemviews done done done
kjs doesn't build done done
kplotting done done done
kwidgetsaddons done done done
kwindowsystem X11 only X11 only X11 only
solid done done done
sonnet done done done
threadweaver doesn't build done done
  1. kconfigcompiler-basic-test fails, seems to be LF/CRLF issues
  2. Uses unsupported C++11 features in kdelibs4migration.cpp. Patch submitted.

tier2 overview

compiler \ package msvc2010_32 msvc2013_64 mingw_64
kauth done done done
kcompletion done done done
kcrash 0/1 pass 0/1 pass 0/1 pass
kdnssd no tests no tests no tests
kdoctools no tests no tests no tests
kjobwidgets no tests no tests no tests
kunitconversion done done

tier3 overview

package / compiler msvc2010_32 msvc2013_64 mingw_64
kactivities no tests
kbookmarks done
kcmutils no tests no tests
kconfigwidgets done
kdeclarative done
kded no tests no tests
kdesignerplugin no tests no tests
kdewebkit no tests no tests
kemoticons done
kiconthemes 0/1 pass
kinit no tests
kio[1] 16/32 pass [2]
kjsembed no tests
kmediaplayer done
knewstuff no tests
knotifications no tests
knotifyconfig no tests
kparts done
kservice 4/7 pass
ktextwidgets done
kwallet no tests
kxmlgui 4/5 pass
  1. there seems to be a warning: port completely to windows
  2. two tests require manual interaction

tier4 overview

package / compiler msvc2013_64 mingw_64

MSVC2010 32-bit (old status)


Builds, only some deprecated warnings. Unit test passes. Manual tests work fine. kwidgetitemdelegatetest shows a bug that is probably cross‐platform (will report later).


Builds, tests pass sometimes, other times locks up.


KRandom isn't very well seeded

KDirWatch also has some code working around a Windows limitation, which is obsolete because QFileSystemWatcher already implements the same workaround. But getting things to compile should be a priority over removing that.

KDirWatch test fails with QFileSystemWatcher backend on both windows and linux. Added to the kdelibs cleanup.

KSharedDataCache is a nonshared memory-only cache on windows.


Hundreds of errors casting WId to HWND in Windows‐specific code.


Builds with liblzma, bzip2 and gzip on mingw64. tests have been moved. karchivetest and kfiltertest fail on mingw64.

Tier 2


Builds with fake backend. no tests available.


Builds. I didn't install kwalletd so I didn't test if it works.

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