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This page tracks the status of KDE Frameworks on Microsoft Windows.

I have only tested with MSVC2010 32-bit.

Tier 1

Working: itemmodels, itemviews, kplotting, kcodecs, kguiaddons, kidletime, kwidgetsaddons, sonnet. More details later.

The rest are currently disabled in CMake. This means you can build kdelibs as a whole with no errors at the moment, but only because the non-working parts are being skipped...


Builds, no warnings. The autotests are currently disabled on all platforms and there are no manual tests, so I haven't tested if it works.


Builds, only some deprecated warnings. Unit test passes. Manual tests work fine. kwidgetitemdelegatetest shows a bug that is probably cross‐platform (will report later).


Builds with no relevant warnings, unit tests pass. There's many manual tests; I haven't carefully tested them all yet.


Builds, tests pass sometimes, other times locks up.


KRandom isn't very well seeded

KDirWatch also has some code working around a Windows limitation, which is obsolete because QFileSystemWatcher already implements the same workaround. But getting things to compile should be a priority over removing that.

KDirWatch test fails with QFileSystemWatcher backend on both windows and linux. Added to the kdelibs cleanup.

KSharedDataCache is a nonshared memory-only cache on windows.


Hundreds of errors casting WId to HWND in Windows‐specific code.


So far only build-tested with zlib installed. Tests passes.


Not tested yet due to PCRE dependency.

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