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This page tracks the status of KDE Frameworks on Microsoft Windows.

I have only tested with MSVC2010 32-bit.

Tier 1

Working: itemmodels, itemviews, kplotting, kcodecs, kguiaddons, kidletime, kwidgetsaddons, sonnet. More details later.

The rest are currently disabled in CMake. This means you can build kdelibs as a whole with no errors at the moment, but only because the non-working parts are being skipped...


Builds, no warnings. The autotests are currently disabled on all platforms and there are no manual tests, so I haven't tested if it works.


Builds, only some deprecated warnings. Unit test passes. Manual tests work fine. kwidgetitemdelegatetest shows a bug that is probably cross‐platform (will report later).


Builds with no relevant warnings, unit tests pass. There's many manual tests; I haven't carefully tested them all yet.


Builds, tests pass sometimes, other times locks up.


KRandom isn't very well seeded

KDirWatch also has some code working around a Windows limitation, which is obsolete because QFileSystemWatcher already implements the same workaround. But getting things to compile should be a priority over removing that.

KSharedDataCache has failing tests KDirWatch test fails with QFileSystemWatcher backend on both windows and linux. Added to the kdelibs cleanup.


Hundreds of errors casting WId to HWND in Windows‐specific code.


code needs a couple of string related fixes, and there is something about building it and size of wchar. So far only build-tested with zlib installed

some tar tests seems to fail. it is unsure if the zip tests are run.


Not tested yet due to PCRE dependency.

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