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KDE Frameworks presence at Akademy 2013

Office Hours

Every morning we'll be available in room B4. The goal is to be able to effectively work as a team in a single room, and have a faster turn around in preparing patches. Also, smaller topics can be discussed during that time and it will be the perfect arena for people who want to get involved to receive help for their setup.

Tasks and Topics:

  • Setting up build environment
  • Churning patches quicker as everyone is in the same room

Release mode BoF

Thursday afternoon, we'll be available in room B4 to discuss bigger topics to set the direction in KF5 in order to prepare for a 5.0 release.


  • What's coming after KDEUI Crumble
  • Finalize the KIO core/gui split
  • Centralized? KDE SC versioning (KDE_VERSION)
  • The famous "tier4"
  • git repos
  • Identify critical blockers for release
  • C++11 support in KF5

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