Getting Started

Useful Reading

Information about the changes between Qt4 and Qt5 can be found in the dist/changes-5.x of each submodule

Changes regarding changes to kdelibs can be found at kdelibs/KDE5PORTING.html

Other Changes

Qt Keywords

KDE Frameworks now enforces -DQT_NO_KEYWORDS

This means the macros Qt without the Q_ 'namespace' will not work.

This includes "foreach" "emit", "signals", and "slots". They should be replaced by Q_FOREACH, Q_EMIT, Q_SIGNALS and Q_SLOTS respectively.


In Frameworks 5 any string on its own such as "foo" will not be automatically converted to a QString. Instead, you should use one of:

  • QLatin1String() for string comparisons i.e (if myString == QLatin1String("SomeText))
  • QLiteralString for string creation i.e QIcon::fromTheme(QLiteralString("document-new"));
  • tr() for translatable strings in frameworks that cannot use i18n
  • i18n for translatable strings in frameworks that can use i18n

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