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!  width=250 | Contact
!  width=250 | Contact
{{FeatureTodo|remove kglobal.h include from staging/kwidgets/src/icons/kiconloader.h, fix compilation by adding the header where necessary (easy)|Christoph Cullmann <[email protected]>}}
{{FeatureDone|remove kglobal.h include from staging/kwidgets/src/icons/kiconloader.h, fix compilation by adding the header where necessary (easy)|Christoph Cullmann <[email protected]>}}
{{FeatureTodo|move ktypelist.h from kdecore/util to kde4support (easy)|?}}
{{FeatureTodo|move ktypelist.h from kdecore/util to kde4support (easy)|?}}
{{FeatureTodo|move kentrymaptest from kdecore/tests to kconfig/autotests (easy)|?}}
{{FeatureTodo|move kentrymaptest from kdecore/tests to kconfig/autotests (easy)|?}}

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Cleaning up kdelibs

Next to the other efforts for kdelibs modularization, there's also some cleanup tasks which needs to be done accross the whole kdelibs codebase. Tasks in here are probably more suitable for short term, bite sized involvement.

Note: For most of those tasks we try to put an estimation of the difficulty can be: easy, normal, hard (somewhat like in video games). ;-)

Status Description Contact
DONE remove kglobal.h include from staging/kwidgets/src/icons/kiconloader.h, fix compilation by adding the header where necessary (easy) Christoph Cullmann <[email protected]>
TO DO move ktypelist.h from kdecore/util to kde4support (easy) ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO move kentrymaptest from kdecore/tests to kconfig/autotests (easy) ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO move kascii and kasciitest to kde4support (easy) ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Port away from KGlobalSettings::singleClick() (easy) ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO #cmakedefine -> #cmakedefine01, #ifdef -> #if, in order to catch missing includes (easy) ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Port from KCmdLineArgs+KApp to QApp+setApplicationName in all unittests that don't use args (easy) ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kio/netaccess.h: there are some "TODOs" about deprecating most methods in favour of job+exec (TODO: compare with synchronousRun) (normal) ? <{{{3}}}>

DONE Fix kfileplacesmodeltest (normal) Benjamin Port

DONE Move to kcoreaddons the tests in kdecore/tests that are actually tests for classes in kcoreaddons, except kurltest (easy) Anne-Marie Mahfouf

DONE "cp kurlmimetest.cpp kurlmimedatatest.cpp" and port the second one to KUrlMimeData (in order to test both the deprecated API and the new API). After that, move the old one (kurlmimetest) to kde4support. (normal) Lambert Clara

DONE Port kcmdlineargs from KUrl to QUrl, then move KUrl out of kcoreaddons, and into kdecore for now, final destination will be kde4support. (easy) Matt Williams

TO DO Port kdelibs from KProcess to QProcess (except kpty) (easy). Warning: Need to port some functionnality to Qt 5 Davide Bettio <{{{3}}}>

DONE Update qmimetype in kdelibs from the one soon merged to Qt5, port all of kdelibs to the API changes. (normal) David Faure

DONE Create a staging/kconfig framework out of kdecore/config + kdecore/kernel/kauthorized*. Code should be ready (no more dependencies on the rest of kdecore). (normal) David

DONE Port all of kdelibs from KGlobal::config() to KSharedConfig::openConfig(), adjust includes (easy) Claus Christensen

DONE Port all of kdelibs from KMimeType to QMimeType, see KDE5PORTING.html for details (easy) David Faure

DONE deprecate KLineEdit::clickMessage, by applying https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/101360/diff/#index_header and porting kdelibs (easy and quick) Benjamin Port

DONE Move KDialog saveDialogSize+restoreDialogSize to static methods taking a QDialog. Benjamin Port

IN PROGRESS Finish deprecating methods marked as @deprecated (add macro+ifdef, ensure kdelibs doesn't use). Benjamin Port

DONE Move KDialogQueue into separate files. Benjamin Port

TO DO Import QCommandLineArguments from gitorious into libkdeqt5staging ? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO Port all of kdelibs (except kde*support and classes aimed for tier4) from KDialog to QDialog Davide Bettio <{{{3}}}>

DONE Port from KGlobalSettings::desktopGeometry to QApplication::desktop()->screenGeometry (very easy) Stephen Kelly

DONE extract KProtocolInfo out of ksycoca, making it simply read from installed files on demand. (normal) David Faure

DONE move KProtocolInfo to KIO, requires to split out its unittests from kmimetypetest, and to somehow sort out the call to KProtocolInfo inside kmimetype (normal) David Faure

DONE when gpgmepp is not found, make plasma only skip the Signature class, rather than skipping all of plasma (easy) David Faure

IN PROGRESS One of the things we need to remove is all of the use of the Q_WS_* defines. (easy)

git grep Q_WS_

Some of them should be ported to a Q_OS_ define (eg, some of Q_WS_WIN should be ported to Q_OS_WIN), but *not all of them*, so this can't just be changed with a script. It should be done manually. Some of them need to be ported to QPA (lighthouse) in some way.

Kevin Ottens

For a walk through example, see this thread

TO DO Another thing that should be done is using Find packages from ECM or CMake. (normal)

For example, run 'git grep find_package' in tier1/solid. Some of the results are provided by CMake, and some come from the local kdelibs/cmake/modules folder. The kdelibs/cmake/modules folder should not need to be used. For example find_package(Flex) in solid should be replaced with find_package(FLEX) which is provided by CMake.

The goal is to be able to run

cd tier1/solid && mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make

for each framework.

This is already possible with the itemmodels framework.

It also works with solid, because the packages it searches for are optional and the FindFoo.cmake files are not found.

? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO Find out what should be part of the link interface and what should not be. (normal but long), details... ? <{{{3}}}>
DONE Port from K_GLOBAL_STATIC to Q_GLOBAL_STATIC where the Qt4 API is sufficient Albert Astals Cid
TO DO Port from K_GLOBAL_STATIC to Q_GLOBAL_STATIC needs Qt 5.1 changes ? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO Porting in KDE_Core/KLocale/Frameworks ? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO After the above, removing kglobal.h from files where it is no longer

used (simplifying the task of creating a framework for the people who don't realize that that needs to be done, and reducing the build fixes that are required because they don't do a clean build after moving stuff around and changing include_directories)

? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO Investigate to what extent our use of X11 API and KWindowSystem can be replaced with QPA (hard)

Some work started on adding the accessors required for this to the QPA classes. https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,26714

? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO Deprecate and move classes marked "kde4support" in Epics/Reduce_class_duplication ? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO KDEGuiAddons should be renamed and maybe repurposed ? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO kdeui/colors/kcolorhelpers_p.h has at least a copy in

kdeguiaddons, and perhaps another in kcolorwidgets. Resolve that.

? <{{{3}}}>

IN PROGRESS Move icon loading from kwidgets to kdeguiaddons Jignesh Kakadiya

DONE Port all of kdelibs from KIcon to QIcon / KDE:::icon(), then move KIcon out (easy) David Faure

TO DO KGlobalSettings is initalized by KApplication. Find out if any parts of it work without that, and split it into parts that work without the initialization and parts that don't. ? <{{{3}}}>

DONE Port away from and deprecate KHBox/KVBox Albert Astals Cid

TO DO Find out if KGuiAddons should be deprecated or get an upstream equivalent. The real value is in KStandardGuiItem. See if it can be redesigned in the alternative ? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO KPushButton should be repurposed as KAuthPushButton ? <{{{3}}}>

TO DO Port KStandardAction from KAction to QAction Benjamin Port <{{{3}}}>

TO DO Move KTabBar to kde4support and port users in kdelibs to QTabbar. preferably KTabWidget should go the same way, but needs a feature in Qt (see the qt5.1 epic) ? <{{{3}}}>

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