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= Merging features in Qt 5.1 epic =
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! Status
! Description
!  width=120 | Contact
{{FeatureInProgress|QCommandLineArguments|Laszlo Papp; see qt5-feedback discussions; will be for Qt-5.1}}
{{FeatureInProgress|K/Q_GLOBAL_STATIC merge|Thiago Macieira (see development list)}}
{{FeatureTodo|QMenu: title feature, keyboard navigation (from KMenu)|?}}
{{FeatureTodo|QSqueezedTextLabel, or squeezing in QLabel|?}}
{{FeatureTodo|QFileSystemWatcher: support for watching non-existing files|David Faure}}
{{FeatureTodo|QCompleter: many missing features compared to KCompletion|?}}
{{FeatureTodo|QLocalSocket/QLocalServer: support for abstract unix sockets|Thiago?}}
{{FeatureTodo|KProcess/KShell features in Qt?|Ossi}}
{{FeatureTodo|QCursor: auto-hide, theme support|?}}
{{FeatureTodo|QIcon: support for overlays|?}}
{{FeatureTodo|QSystemTray: support for the new dbus protocol (see KStatusNotifierItem)|?}}
{{FeatureTodo|QLockFile|David Faure}}
{{FeatureTodo|QSaveFile|David Faure/Ossi}}
{{FeatureTodo|QRecursiveFilterProxyModel|Stephen Kelly?}}
{{FeatureTodo|QLineEdit vs KLineEdit|?? We could start with adding the clear button to QLineEdit...}}
{{FeatureTodo|QLocale & QDateTime|John Layt}}
{{FeatureTodo|Printing|John Layt}}

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