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Frameworks/Epics/New Runtime Organization

kde-runtime reorganization epic

Important Forewords

Runtime requirements of a given Framework will be included in the Framework repository, giving people a "single tarball/repo" solution to use. Even though the runtime and libraries will be housed together, attention should still be paid to ensuring that there is a clean and well engineered split and division between the runtime and libraries. Runtime components that are supposed to be background details should not bleed through the library APIs, libraries should not have build-time dependencies on runtime components, etc.

Runtime Components Planning

Definition of done:

  • A component must be migrated to its corresponding Frameworks repository OR be merged into another approriate non-frameworks module (e.g. kde-workspace)
  • All i18n and documentation (if any) must be migrated appropriately with it
  • Has been cleared by the module maintainer that it is migrated to for inclusion

A spreadsheet was prepared of each component in kde-runtime: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?authkey=CI_3zNMC&key=0Am2uzNh0KAtpdFVaRkMtMXZEcC00MEE0dzhrbWV2Nnc&hl=en_US&authkey=CI_3zNMC#gid=0

Status Component Destination Migrator Comments
DONE kactivitymanager kactivities Ivan Cukic
TO DO kio_file KIO Framework currently in kdelibs/kioslave <??>

TO DO kio_ftp KIO Framework currently in kdelibs/kioslave <??>

TO DO kio_http KIO Framework currently in kdelibs/kioslave <??>

TO DO kio_metainfo KIO Framework currently in kdelibs/kioslave <??>

TO DO Attica KDE Plugin libattica Dependency on kconfig, port to secret service <??>

TO DO Attica kcm ?? <??>

TO DO dekstoptheme libplasma2 Seigo <Aaron Seigo>

IN PROGRESS drkonqi ?? mgraesslin port to kf 5 working. bug reporting missing. belongs with a Solutions framework
IN PROGRESS kcmshell ?? mmartin, JRiddell belongs with a Solutions framework. https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/113839/
TO DO kcm_componentchooser kde-workspace <??>

TO DO kcm_dnssd kde-workspace <??>

TO DO kcm_emoticons Emoticons framework alternatively, could go into kde-workspace <??>

TO DO kcm_icons kde-workspace [mailto: JRiddell https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/113853 < JRiddell >]

TO DO kcm_kded kde-workspace perhaps merge (in part / whole) into kinfocenter <??>

TO DO kcm_knotify KDE Notifications Frameworks will probably require a rework; reference the KDE Notifications framework effort <??>

IN PROGRESS kcm_locale kde-workspace Sebas K kdelibs should integrate with workspace being run in, klocale would be used to customize that from within a Plasma Workspace
TO DO kcontrol/menus kinfocenter? research what uses this category, move it there <??>

TO DO kcontrol/spellchecking sonnet <??>

TO DO kde4 script ?? it's a barebones version of a script used in KApplication; should end up wherever KApplication does <??>

TO DO kdeeject ?? research what uses it; can it be removed altogether? <??>

TO DO kde-menu ?? deprecate/remove <??>

TO DO kdesu ?? also add kdesudo? <??>

TO DO kdontchangethehostname kded deprecate the binary, move it into kded <??>

TO DO keditfiletype kded library support; identify most appropriate framework; perhaps move into a "KDE cli" repository? <??>

TO DO kcm_keditfiletype kde-workspace <??>

TO DO kfile4 kde-kdeutils? another candidate for a "KDE cli" repo? <??>

IN PROGRESS kglobalaccel ?? mgraesslin whatever framework the global accel classes go into
TO DO kiconfinder ?? kdesdk, "KDE cli" repo, or just drop; hard to say what its value really is <??>

IN PROGRESS kioclient ?? ?? kf5 port done. the same code gets compiled into several different binaries, is this sensible? a user tool, so "KDE cli" repo
IN PROGRESS kioexec ?? ?? kf5 port done. KIO Framework
IN PROGRESS kio_about kde-baseapps Bhushan Shah kf5 port done. used by konqueror, move it there
TO DO kio_applications kde-workspace does this even get used? <??>

TO DO kio_archive ?? in theory belongs with libkarchive topically, but has kio dependency <??>

TO DO kio_bookmarks kde-baseapps used by konqueror, move it there <??>

IN PROGRESS kio_cgi kdesdk ??
IN PROGRESS kio_desktop kde-baseapps ?? used by konq, dolpin, folderview; Plasma Workspaces is working on deprecating it
IN PROGRESS khelpcenter ?? ?? needs a replacement app
IN PROGRESS kdeui/about ?? ?? replacement with QML, put into KDE App solution
IN PROGRESS keditfiletype ?? ?? research replacement

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