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The KTextEditor interfaces together with its implementation Kate Part build a framework. This page describes the todo-list for the migration to frameworks 5.

KTextEditor, Kate Part and Kate App Tasks

Just pick a task and start working on it. All contributions are welcome!

Status Description Coordination
DONE Compile with Frameworks 5 Christoph
DONE KatePart: Port, reduce compiler warnings Michal
DONE Kate App: Port, reduce compiler warnings Michal
DONE KTE::DocumentCursor to the KTextEditor interfaces. Currently in part/kte5/documentcursor.* Dominik
DONE merge KTE::CodeCompletionModel v1-4 into a single interface Christoph
DONE remove KTE::LoadSaveFilterCheckPlugin Dominik
DONE remove any occurance of SmartCursor and SmartRange Christoph
DONE merge KTE::CoordinatesToCursorInterface into KTE::View Dominik
TO DO merge KTE::ParameterizedSessionConfigInterface into SessionConfigInterface ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO merge KTE::TeplateInterface 1 + 2 ? <{{{3}}}>
DONE properly implement KTE::Document::isValidTextPosition(), with surrogate support Dominik
DONE rename KTE::Document::character() to ::characterAt() Dominik
DONE add KTE::Document::wordAt() and ::wordRangeAt() Dominik
DONE merge Highlight Selection plugin into the built-in search in KatePart Christoph
DONE merge HTML export plugin into KatePart Christoph
DONE make KTE::Cursor non-virtual + mark as Q_MOVABLE Christoph
DONE make KTE::Range non-virtual + mark as Q_MOVABLE Christoph
TO DO KTE::Range & Cursor: inline as much as possible ? <{{{3}}}>
DONE change range only via KTE::Range::setRange(), setStart() + setEnd() are provided for convenience Christoph
DONE extend KTE with applications plugins Christoph
DONE add KTE::Document::readWriteChanged, remove from KateDocument Dominik
TO DO discuss dropping MarkInterface, see part/TODO ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO KTE::Command, possibly merge wite KTE::RangeCommand ? ? <{{{3}}}>
DONE Kate App: port Projects plugin Christoph
DONE Kate App: port Konsole plugin Dominik
DONE KTE::TextHintInterface: allow multiple clients Dominik
TO DO KTE::Cursor/Range Q_DECL_CONSTEXPR & Q_DECL_NOEXCEPT to make them literal types ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO KTE::Document: remove QString argument of textAdded/Removed signals, use internal signals or add aboutToRemove signal only with range ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO KTE::Cursor/Range: QTest::toString specializations ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Make highlighting a standalone library or at least decouple from KTE::View/Document if possible ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO derive KTE::ViewPrivate NOT from KTE::View for binary compatibility. Make KTE::View::* non-virtual ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO derive KTE::DocumentPrivate NOT from KTE::Document for binary compatibility. Make KTE::Document::* non-virtual ? <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Do not derive KTE::View from KXmlGuiClient and make the guiClient() a public function of View ? <{{{3}}}>

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