Frameworks/Epics/KF5.0 Release Preparation/l10n

For each framework the following needs to be done:

  • Make sure all strings that need to be translated are either wrapped by i18n*() or tr*() depending on the translation framework of choice
  • Make sure the file extracts all the files
  • Make sure the file creates a catalog whose name is unique
  • If using ki18n, make sure it follows
  • If using tr() ... no clue, someone should care about this. Probably have a look at how Trojita does it for Qt4 and try to generalize for KF5

Definition of done

  • Grep for strings which should be wrapped in a call to i18n() or tr()
  • Run
  • For code using KI18n:
    • Check all files with calls to i18n() define TRANSLATION_DOMAIN *before* including KLocalizedString


Status Framework Coordination
TO DO attica <{{{3}}}>
TO DO frameworkintegration <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kactivities <{{{3}}}>
TO DO karchive <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kauth <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kbookmarks <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kcmutils <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kcodecs <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kcompletion <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kconfig <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kconfigwidgets <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kcoreaddons <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kcrash <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kdbusaddons <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kde4support <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kdeclarative <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kded <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kdesignerplugin <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kdesu <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kdewebkit <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kdnssd-framework <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kdoctools <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kemoticons <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kf5umbrella <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kfileaudiopreview <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kglobalaccel <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kguiaddons <{{{3}}}>
TO DO khtml <{{{3}}}>
TO DO ki18n <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kiconthemes <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kidletime <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kimageformats <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kinit <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kio <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kitemmodels <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kitemviews <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kjobwidgets <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kjs <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kjsembed <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kmediaplayer <{{{3}}}>
TO DO knewstuff <{{{3}}}>
TO DO knotifications <{{{3}}}>
TO DO knotifyconfig <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kparts <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kplotting <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kprintutils <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kpty <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kross <{{{3}}}>
TO DO krunner <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kservice <{{{3}}}>
TO DO ktexteditor <{{{3}}}>
TO DO ktextwidgets <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kunitconversion <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kwallet <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kwidgetsaddons <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kwindowsystem <{{{3}}}>
TO DO kxmlgui <{{{3}}}>
TO DO plasma-framework <{{{3}}}>
TO DO solid <{{{3}}}>
TO DO sonnet <{{{3}}}>
TO DO threadweaver <{{{3}}}>

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